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What we're about

This group is for those that identify as 1st Generation American and Bicultural.

Bicultural, in the context of this meetup, means having experienced at least two distinct cultures during one’s upbringing here in the U.S. This applies specifically to those that grew up with immigrant parents from anywhere around the world, experiencing their families culture at home, while also growing up with the surrounding American culture. I believe this produces a unique experience, and often time creates a unique identity.

This group will mostly be a discussion based group, meeting in closed spaces to create a comfortable environment and one that fosters ability to share freely.

A few topics/questions this group will explore through our meetups:

- Personal family stories and cultural experience

- Growing up with two or more languages, not speaking your family’s native language, etc.

- How being a 1st generation American has shaped our identity, values, and social experience

- Discuss the current social climate of the U.S. and how this affects out identity, values, and social experience

- How to support young generations through similar experiences

A little bit about me, I’m Brenda, I was born in Los Angeles, CA and grew up here in Phoenix, AZ. Both of my parents are from Mexico. I’ve always enjoyed studying and reading about different cultures and in college studied Cultural Anthropology among other social sciences. I’ve had this group in mind for many years but didn’t have the courage to bring it to life. There is no better time than now, which is why I took the plunge and created this meet up.

Please bear with me as this is brand new group! I will post our first meeting in the coming weeks once I have secured a good location! Thank you for joining this group and being open to exploring your bicultural identity!

Your suggestions and feedback are more than welcome!

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