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Weston, MO Ride from Wyandotte County Lake - Road Bike Ride
This is a recurring ride that takes place on the 3rd Saturday of each month. See start times for each month below as they change based on day light. If there are any questions around this ride each month, please message George Gyilafia. MHHP through the meetup list. Here's the scoop on the ride: Join George Gyulafia MHHP for 58 miles of challenging hills and long flats. Brunch at the Weston Café for those who like to take a break.All level of riders are welcome. No one is left behind! *Also at times... some of us can ride to Atchison KS from Weston., I't’s all FLAT! Adds an additional 34 miles makes it total of 92 miles. Lunch is at Atchison Flea Market, a 1950's style deli! Meet at the Wyandotte County Lake Park Ranger station (just north of 91st and Leavenworth Rd., 2 miles east from I-435 & K5 exit) Start times for each month: 9:00 am - December, January, and Febuary 8:00 am - March, April, and May 7:00 am - June, July, August, and September 8:00 am - October and November

Wyandotte County Lake Park

9100 Leavenworth Road · Kansas City

What we're about

This group is about riding bicycles. Lose the ego. Have some fun.

This group is based out of Olathe, KS and most rides originate and end in Olathe. Most often we go south and west on our rides but occasionally head up to downtown KC and stop for some BBQ along the way.

Please Read Ride Descriptions Carefully - Each posted ride will have a description of the ride expectations. Please understand them before committing to them. Essentially, we have three kinds of rides;

• Trail and side street rides where everyone is welcome on any kind of bike and no matter what kind of shape you are in...and for that matter, how old you are. We've had riders from 10 to 92. (Seriously.) These are No-Drop rides, meaning, no matter what we'll make sure someone stays with you. That includes if you have a flat or you are just not in shape yet to keep up with the main group. The ride is as much social as anything else. We all encourage each other and have fun. These rides can be anywhere from 8-18 miles at speeds of 11-13.5 mph.

• Road Rides, Moderate Pace - are rides where it is best to have a road bike or serious exercise/cross bike. Generally, these are No-Drop rides but make sure you are up to the listed distance of each ride! The pace of these rides is 12.5-15.5 mph and somewhere between 15-40 miles. These are the rides in which many of the road bike ladies participate. (Make no mistake, however. I am a guy and we have ladies that ride the Road Rides, Fast Pace and they are faster/stronger riders than I have ever been!) These rides are a lot of fun if you like to really cycle because 99% of the riders are very like-minded.

• Road Rides, Fast Pace - are rides where you need to be in shape and know what you are doing. We are not hard-core hammerheads but we love to cycle. Generally, these are No-Drop rides mainly because we enjoy each other's company on these rides. Speeds usually end up between 16-18 mph at distances of 25-60 miles.

• Mountain Bike Rides - At this time I pretty much don't mountain bike any more though I still love fast, non-technical single track. If you'd like to lead this category and tap in to the MANY mountain bike advocates we have in this group please contact Chris to be added as an administrator.

• Touring Bike Rides - Chris is prone to just taking off and wandering on his bicycle. Rarely, but sometimes, he'll post those rides on this page. Feel free to join him. He rides a Surly Ogre on these trips and may just go out for 3-9 hours and ride, stop at a bar or restaurant, ride a path he's never seen or, just wander. Sometimes in Kansas. Sometimes Missouri. Who knows?

We will also have a BikeMS Team we'd love you to join. ( (if you need to cut and paste)

Basically, find a ride you'd like to join and come on out. We are mostly friendly and encouraging. This isn't the place for the person who is trying to match Tour d'France speeds or attitudes. And, on occasion, we've been known to head on over for a couple of beers at a local watering hole after a rides. This year (2017) we may even start some of the rides at a local coffee shop here in Olathe.

Find us on STRAVA ( by searching BOB or Bicycling Olathe and Beyond.

Also, feel free to Chip In ( to help us pay for this site. All funds go towards the semi-annual Meet Up fees.

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