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Welcome to the Big Baddie Badminton Band!!! The main quest of this Band is to create a comfortable and friendly platform for individuals to gather together and have fun. Our mission will generally be accomplished by setting badminton events during evening of weekdays and possibly morning of weekends and holidays. Our activities will not be limited to badminton, but we will try to incorporate other activities as well. View our historical events 'Here' (https://www.meetup.com/Big-Baddie-Badminton-Band/about/).
歡迎大家黎到 “羽樂無窮” 呢個群組, 我地希望可以建立一個舒服同開心既平台俾大家玩下,開心下!主打除左平日夜晚同埋週末既羽毛球活動之外,仲會嘗試搞下其他活動,歡迎各位朋友提出意見。

In order to ensure the excitement of this Band, we would like to express some of our guidelines for each individual to follow. We greatly appreciate your efforts and by joining the Band, we assume you have read and understood our guidelines. Welcome to the Big Baddie Badminton Band.

Guidelines 規則:

a) This is a friendly Band and we expect each of you to respect each other. We reserve the rights the blacklist anyone from the Band for inappropriate behaviours;
保持友善既態度,彼此尊重。對於不合既行為, 我地將保留列入黑名單既權利;

b) Each event will have some sort of requirements, please make sure you fulfill the requirements before RSVP. If you have questions regarding the requirements, feel free to contact the event host;
每次按 “RSVP” 之前,希望大家明白每個活動既需要,如有任何問題,歡迎隨時同我地聯絡;

c) As each event with limited space, we have a "5-Strikes Rule" where the individual RSVP "Yes" but failed to attend on 5 different occasions within the calendar year without changing the RSVP to "No" status 48 hours before of the event. After the 3rd strike, you will receive a warning and the 5th strike you will not be able to attend any of our events for a one month period; and
由於每次既活動都會有人數同資源既限制,每位朋友係5次唔同既活動當中,如果按左 RSVP “Yes” 而未能出席,又係活動開始48小時前冇轉番 “NO” 呢個 status 既話,第3次甩底我地會出警告,到第5次我地會禁止朋友係1個月之內出席我地既活動;

d) There are risks involved in any activities, the Band will not be responsible for injuries occurred. By RSVP “Yes”, you are responsible for your own safety.

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