Moonshae Isles: Episode 10

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The Saviors leave the Neogi cave and rest for the night at Williker Manor. The next morning they are ambushed by a band of Kuo Toa who nearly drag Py into the sea, but living up to their new moniker, the Saviors rescue their friend and the Kuo Toa Archpriest retreats into open water.

The Saviors sail the Enterprise to Caer Calidyll and make their way south towards Lehigh. On the road they encounter a pair of Paryton but avoid combat by hiding and charming the last one. They come across an abandoned circus wagon and befriend a scared monkey named Peanut.

At Lehigh the Saviors meet with the Great Druid Antola who awards them with the Goblinwrath then sends them on a quest to Horsa to deal with the troll under the bridge. They dispatch the troll with relative ease and find his hoard. The Saviors are becoming well known as heroes in these parts. What will they do with their newfound fame?