• Big Data & BI Analytics OEM/Embeeded solutions and visualization

    This year we will bring you The Next Wave of Enterprise Intelligence with MicroStrategy 2019, the industry’s first and only enterprise platform for HyperIntelligence, transformational mobility, and federated analytics. You will hear from our global executive team how our new “2019” platform delivers high-performance applications at scale that’s tailored especially for embedded analytic needs and allows you to leverage a broad range of APIs, drivers, and gateways to embed intelligence into a broad range of applications, and deploy modern analytics on an open enterprise platform. Embedded analytic partners allows their users to maximize the data stored in the applications due to breakthrough unique capabilities that dramatically improve the ease of use and business values. The platform offers a comprehensive solution, that covers everything an OEM partner needs to be successful. From customization choices to multi-tenant deployment options, open frameworks, and an architecture that supports reusability, scalability and performance, the platform is designed to cater to the unique needs of your business. Many of our OEM customers like Aptos, Crunchtime, VisiQuate, Allscripts, Aperity, and many more have transformed their business using it. Join us for this roundtable discussion where you will uncover how we can equip your product with powerful analytics and mobility solutions that help your customers succeed and stay ahead of the game. Agenda: 09:30-10:00 – Gathering 10:00-10:30 – Ilan Spiegel Territory manager , MSTR 10:30-10:45 – Live demonstration – Dan Cohen – Sales engineer ,MSTR 10:45-11:15 – Break, sandwiches and mingling 11:15-11:45 – MSTR embedded analytics the technology behind the magic – Antoine Issaly - Solutions Architect 11:45-12:15 – Use case and customer story – Bob Sharman - Vice President, Worldwide OEM 12:15-12:45 – Big Data BI analytic Architectures – Golan Nahum – CEO Twingo 12:45-13:00 – Q&A

  • Tel Aviv Looker User Meetup with AnyClip and Twingo

    AnyClip Offices

    Twingo & Looker invites you to tech-meetup with great new technologies. We'll have three local Looker users give demos of their use cases to share best practices and answer questions. There are so many different ways people are using Looker in Tel Aviv that we thought it would be helpful to have a "meeting of the minds" so we can all learn from each other. This meetup is for CTO, DBA's, BI team leaders, BI developers, or anyone that interesting in the BIG-DATA world. Agenda 17:30-18:00 - Gathering & Pizza & Beer 18:00-18:20 - Golan Nahum, CEO & founder, Twingo, Big Data Architecture 18:20-18:40 - Gal Doron, Head of Media Operations, AnyClip presentation and Q&A about how they use Looker 18:40-19:00 - Monday.com ,Ran Davidovitz ,RnD Full Stack Team Leader , Looker & MemSQL - love story 19:00-19:20 - Tania Gabbay Karaguilla, BI Developer, Avantis, Use case overview and Q&A Looker technical team will be there to answer questions JOIN US Twingo team

  • Real-time Business Intelligence on Streaming Geospatial Data + live demo

    **new update ** Iron-sourc an amazing managing & monitoring mobile company will join us to tell their scale out journey. Join us for aspecial Big Data meetup, with Alec Powell, Solutions Engineer at MemSQL that will show lastest Innovations regarding geospatial, Idan Maizlits, Tech Lead at Iron source and Guy Kirschbaum, Director of R&D, Developer Solutions from Iron source that will talk about thier scale out journey. in this session you will learn how to leverage MPP technology and distributed data to deliver high volume transactional and analytical workloads which power real time dashboards on rapidly changing data using standard SQL tools. Demonstrations will include the streaming of structured and JSON data from Kafka messages through a micro-batch ETL process into the MemSQL database where the data is then queried using standard SQL tools and visualized with Looker. What will you learn? This session will focus on streaming structured and semi-structured data, using MemSQL for real-time dashboards, and how to put those techniques into production. LIVE DEMO: Constructing and executing a real-time geospatial data pipeline using Kafka and MemSQL. Agenda: 16:00 – 16:30 – gathering beer & snacks 16:30 – 17:30 - Alec Powell, Solutions Engineer, MemSQL Real-time Business Intelligence on Streaming Geospatial Data 17:30-18:30 – Idan Maizlits, Tech Lead, Developer Solutions @ ironSource Guy Kirschbaum, Director of R&D, Developer Solutions @ ironSource - "Scaling Analytics with MemSQL - iS Journey" Alec Powell has been a Solutions Engineer at MemSQL since 2016. He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University. Before MemSQL, Alec worked on engineering bond-trading systems and financial analysis. He enjoys building demos and solving problems for MemSQL customers. check out his linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alectpowell/

  • Distributed Machine Learning – Big Data Use Cases and Solution Concepts

    Join us for a special event in ML (machine learning) with Josh Poduska - Vertica WW R&D ML Expert is coming to enrich us about the new generation of ML, how to run your ML query on all your data, with a few single hours. a unique case study by Ran Dach - data scientist, Startapp (an insight driven mobile technology company) and their way to ML. What will you learn? Josh Poduska: we will cover the current distributed machine learning ecosystem and the foundational concepts of a distributed machine learning solution. We will also discuss Vertica’s distributed machine learning solution and cover multiple use cases where distributed machine learning realized a level of model accuracy and implementation readiness that non-distributed solutions could not offer. Ran Dach :Our reverse geocoder combines a simple location event of longitude/latitude with location metadata polygons and turns it into powerful and meaningful user level insights. Through the location data we understand our users' behavior, their interests and intents: shopping habits, travelling patterns, education level and many more insights can be inferred from the location data. We'll share our journey of implementing a geocoder solution using Vertica to discover our user level insights on a massive scale. bio: Josh Poduska is the Chief Field Technologist for Data Science with Vertica. He has 17 years of experience as an analytical sciences practitioner and consultant. Prior to joining Vertica, Josh led manufacturing analytics at an Intel semiconductor fabrication plant, consulted with clients across industries with emphasis on smarter cities for IBM-SPSS, and led the analytics group at a big data startup. Josh has a Masters in Applied Statistics from Cornell University. His current focus is leveraging Vertica, and its distributed machine learning library, to help organizations solve their analytical challenges. https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshpoduska/ Ran Dach - Brewer of data and algorithms to produce beautiful insights. Leading StartApp's efforts in the Geospatial realm. Dreaming about polygons at night. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ran-dach-283556140/ RSVP today and save your seat.

  • Big Data Analytics - Road Map ,Machine Learning and Deep dive

    • What we'll do this meetup is all about Vertica Big Data analytics. Its a full day sessions starting with roadmap , version 9.x ,machine learning full live DEMO , deep dive to technical stuff. top experts people from USA and EMEA will join us on stage and share knowledge. Eugenia Moreno is a vertica technical expert and she will deep dive to vertica - new features , P&T , concurrent and expert tips. Dr. Yassine Faith is an machine learning expert and technical manager. he will talk about the next genration of the big data solution. Ilya Gulman , will do a 1 hour session of machine learning inside Vertica. expect to be suprised. tens of the biggest technology leaders from major compaines will be in event. • What to bring good mood and technical qustions. • Important to know you need to SIGN IN throguh this link: https://h22166.www2.hpe.com/event/eventpage.aspx?eventid=MQA0ADcAOAA4ADAA&cc=il&lang=he

  • Online analytics with Vertica and Presto on AWS Cloud

    Playbuzz offices ( Sarona Market building)

    --------We add a fresh speak to our meetup – please see changes below!!-------- We are having a special professional Big Data meetup, we will talk about choosing the right tool for right job, Building on-line analytics with Vertica and Presto/Athena on AWS, and online demonstration. This meetup is for BI managers, DBA'S, big data developers, team leaders, CTO's, and R&D team leaders. You will get a better understanding view to BIG Data and a deep learning with complete Demo of Vertica/Athena and Presto, some of the topics we will deal: Data Pipelines and Database Architecture at PlayBuzz - Dmitry Burstein, leading data architect from PlayBuzz, will explain the architecture, the data flow and the tools which were used to achieve scalable robust ETL on AWS cloud at PlayBuzz: • AWS Kinesis • Spark (Streaming and Batch) •Vertica • Presto • Airflow ________________________________________________________________________________________________ professional workshop - Ilya Gulman TECH guru of Big Data: • Architecture overview • Strong sides of each product • Hot storage and cold storage • Technical comparison and benchmarks • Latency and concurrency considerations • Working with data from S3 with Vertica • Parquet / ORC / ROS containers - differences • Live aggregate projections in Vertica • Automatic flatten table feature in Vertica • Live demo of most topics • Q&A Tuesday, Oct 17th 16:30-17:00 - Gathering: 17:00-18:00 -professional workshop - Ilya Gulman TECH guru of Big Data 18:00-18:30- Data Pipelines and Database Architecture at PlayBuzz - Dmirty Burstein Data Architect at Playbuzz 18:30 - 19:00 - Q&A Workshop speaker: Ilya Gulman – TECH guru of Big Data - Ilya has 15 years' experience in software development, databases, and Big Data. Ilya is an expert Big Data architect, specialized in Vertica, qualified by the company as an expert in this field and holds Expert Trainer qualifications. Pizza and beer will be serve See you there!!

  • Symposium Series BI analytics workshop event

    Dan Panorama Convention Center

    Please sign to the event here: http://events.microstrategy.com/events/microstrategy-symposium-tel-aviv/event-summary-b4c00c2d558d4af796bf6f431ec96001.aspx?RefID=TelAvivQ32017_05 Join us for a one-day event in Tel Aviv that highlights the latest in BI and analytics. The event features discussions on topics like getting value from big data, building intuitive dashboards and visualizations, and developing custom enterprise apps. Attendees will learn best practices from global leaders and get hands-on product experience, so they can get the most out of their investment in Microstrategy. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to pick up new skills, network with peers, and learn from product experts. Why attend? · New industry-specific sessions focused on proven solutions in retail, banking, healthcare, and more. · A keynote address that highlights the latest in enterprise analytics and mobility. · Expanded hands-on workshops with a special focus on enterprise data discovery. · Networking opportunities with local and global partners who can help organizations get the most out of MicroStrategy. · Customer-led sessions featuring real-world success stories that illustrate how top companies are using analytics to drive growth and efficiency. target audience: Whether you're a business executive who wants to know how companies are improving sales productivity or optimizing their supply chains or a "techie" who wants to get hands-on experience with the to the newest tools in the industry, we've got something for you. Please sign to the event here: http://events.microstrategy.com/events/microstrategy-symposium-tel-aviv/event-summary-b4c00c2d558d4af796bf6f431ec96001.aspx?RefID=TelAvivQ32017_05 don't miss this event!!! see you there!

  • Vertica BIG DATA Conferance with VERTICA CEO

    Location visible to members

    Hi All Meetup members This is not a regular meetup We at TWINGO help hosting an amazing even with Colin Mahony, GM & SVP @ Vertica the meetup is only for VP /CEO /Directors of companies who are interested to hear and learn about Vertica's Big Data Solution. I will do a lecture about big data solutions and Vertica we will bring our great customers - Taboola , StartApp and maybe another one to tell their Big Data Challenges and how we helped them solve it. you are welcome to Join us. https://vertica.events.co.il/home this time you must both RSVP and register at the event link. See you Golan Nahum

  • View to BIG DATA and Real time analytics


    Optimal+ and Twingo are happy to invite you to a BIG DATA meetup This meetup will deal with BIG DATA DB technologies, each speaker will present a premium BIG DATA solution that works for his company, and you will get better understanding how things are working when you provide a large scale DB solutions together with some valuable tips based on real case studies. This is a very ingesting use case, both companies introduce new technologies (Optimal+ choose Vertica together with Hadoop as their solution, appsflyer choose MEMSql with Spark), and managing a BIG DATA challenge - come and learn BIG DATA from the best! Agenda: 17:00 – 17:30 – Gathering drinks & food 17:30-18:20 - Alon Malki - Chief Architect - Optimal+ "Maximize Hadoop and Vertica big data solution - Ad hoc & Batch analytics on a cost effective Big Data platform” This is the story of how O+ built a cost effective solution on top of Hadoop and Vertica to answer both batch and Ad Hoc requirements while minimizing data duplication and required nodes, bringing a cost effective solution that can be relevant both for big and small customers. O+ big data platform is an OEM solution in PB scale for customers like Qualcomm, Broadcom and nvidia. Five minute break 18:25-18:55 -Morri Feldman - Data engeneer - AppsFlyer Join me on our journey and I will show you the current solution that implements real-time aggregation over MemSQL integrated with the batch processing over Apache Spark. The new architecture solved not only our pains but allowed us to aggregate X10 amount of data with much faster response times, keep up with product demands and it was a cheaper solution from the production cost perspective (speak will be in english) We kindly ask -RSVP only if you actually attends to come- there is a 70 person limit

  • Big Data technology MeetUp


    Twingo is happy to invite you to a Big Data technology MeetUp, It is clear that "Big Data" is here to stay, more new technologies join the world of Big Data every day, but how can you be sure of how to choose the best technology for your company? We are happy to join us Mr. Ezi Boteach, VP R&D, PlayBuzz, that will talk about the challenges of the Big Data world, Solutions to implement, and what PlayBuzz choose as a the right technology for them. Golan Nahum, CEO and Ilya Gulman, CTO, Twingo will talk about Big Data variety of technologies that allow us to merge large data volume from several sources to one place and analyze them in NEAR REAL TIME Meetup agenda: 17:30 – 18:00 – Gathering drinks & food 18:00-18:45 - Ezi Boteach - VP R&D, PlayBuzz – The Big Data challenge in Social Media. Five minute break 18:50- 19:30 – Golan Nahum ,CEO & Ilya Gulman, CTO, Twingo – Big Data Architecture and "Source to Target".