To Hadoop or Not to Hadoop

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35 people went

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“Hadoop” has become synonymous with big data processing, in the same way that the word “Colt” was used interchangeably to describe any handguns over a couple of decades. Hadoop is often described as the one framework your business needs to solve nearly all your big data problems. Hadoop was, however, purpose-built to solve a clear set of problems and definitely not all of them.

In this first Big Data Denmark presentation in Copenhagen, Vladimir Smida will walk you through the core concepts of Hadoop, its components and its strengths, as well as look at other alternatives. Each with key strengths in specific areas.


Vladimir Smida, is a founder and an active speaker in the Big Data Denmark community, but foremost, a Software developer slash Data scientist consultant at Comiit ApS. With the mindset that technology is here to solve complex problems for people, not the other way around he is pushing models and bytes to clients in energy sector, finance sector and any place with exciting problem at hand.

50 attendees maximum