Database as a Service (CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, DB2, Hadoop) in the Cloud

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This is a set of tutorial sessions on CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, DB2 and Hadoop and how they can be dynamically
used and scaled in Cloud Environments. For most of the Talks we have Tutorial-Style live demos in order to give
a real feeling of how to manage these NoSQL databases and how to implement a little web application on top of it.

1. Apache Cassandra/ Datastax
2. MobgoDB / Mongolabs
3. Apache CouchDB / Cloudant
4. Apache Hadoop / BigInsights

Please be aware that this Meetup takes place at an IBM location. In order to get entrance badges please register on the following link in advance so that we can print them:

If you don't register in advance we cannot guarantee access to this Meetup, sorry for the inconvenience.