• Think 2019 - Crowd Chat

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    Live on January 17th at Noon EST! Learn how to chart your path on the journey to AI. Join a Crowdchat with Wikibon and IBM experts On January 17 at noon EST to learn about AI-related technologies and get a preview of topics, demos and sessions at Think 2019. https://ibm.co/ThinkCrowdChat This event is Eastern Standard Time.

  • Think 2019: Not Just Another Tech Conference

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    We listened. More importantly, we heard! That's why we designed Think 2019, and it's companion Community Day, with your specific wants and needs in mind. * "I want to see what you're planning for the future with your products and solutions and how it applies to me and my company!" * "I want to hear from people that I find interesting and that have something important I can learn." * "I'm a technical person. This isn't going to be just a bunch of marketing fluff, is it?" * "Can I please get some hands-on time with your products?" * "I want to hear from your developers, not just high-level folks!"u * "I want to hear from your executives about your company's technology directions!" * "I need to hear from your customers how they have successfully implemented solutions with your products!" * "Will I be able to network before, during AND after the conference events, especially for different brands, products, and services?" To answer your questions and give you a taste of what's ahead, IBM executives Rob Thomas (General Manager, IBM Analytics) and Denis Kennelly (General Manager, Cloud Integration) will host a short, to-the-point webinar about the event. REGISTER HERE: https://bit.ly/2BH4697 So join us on January 3rd at 11AM EASTERN STANDARD TIME, bring your questions, and find out why we're so eager to have you with us in San Francisco this February 11-15, 2019. If you can't make the live broadcast click here for the recording - https://ibm.co/2GGSxVh Check out the IBM Community at https://ibm.co/2rImppU to receive your discount for registering for Think 2019 - February[masked]

  • IBM Community Day: Artificial Intelligence

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    REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/2x65Rup NOTE: This is a global event online - Event is Eastern Standard Time. Join us for IBM Community Day: Artificial Intelligence to be held on October 11th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. This is a free one-day virtual conference targeted for application developers, data stewards, data scientists, data engineers, business analysts, as well as a multitude of other roles, who want to learn about the technologies that prepare data platforms for AI. This multi-track event is designed for live interactions between speakers and attendees, and will introduce technical concepts, IBM and partner solutions, and live demos. All sessions will be recorded for a three-month replay. Attendees will have the option to schedule a one-on-one meeting with speakers (dependent upon availability) after the conference for additional information. The one-on-ones are conducted through the conference platform. Here is an example of some of the sessions you may hear: - Model Asset Exchange - AI and Spark - how do they fit together? - AI Ethics - AI's Elephant in the Room - Building a Secure and Transparent ML Pipeline using Open Source Technologies - No Data, No AI - How to build a stream/real time app that uses ML - Building custom AI web services - Operationalizing ML and A/B test patterns - Governed data science - Automatic ML infused classification for Governance and GDPR compliance - Fast data ingest and analytics - Infrastructure for AI … and more REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/2x65Rup (please note that you must register at the above link to be part of the Community Day, and not just RSVP) Agenda and sessions will be updated regularly on the website.

  • Change the Game: Winning with AI

    Global Online Event

    Are you looking for a game changer, the winning play that will unlock the value of your data and harness the power of AI? Watch Change the Game: Winning with AI on September 13 at 6:30 PM EDT. ESPN’s Hannah Storm hosts IBM clients who will share how they are changing the game in their industries: where they see opportunity, challenges they have overcome, and the winning plays they are using to give them the edge. IBM experts will analyze these winning plays and how and why they work. They will also provide a strategic view of today’s data landscape: the transformative potential of AI, the importance of a multi-cloud architecture, and the steps you can take today to ladder up to AI. Watch and learn more at https://ibm.co/2Q4ZBLP

  • Machine Learning Everywhere. Build your ladder to AI.

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    • What we'll do This event is 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. To set a calendar reminder go to: https://ibm.co/2npfi3K 2018 is shaping up to be the year machine learning gains widespread implementation as enterprises prepare for the future of artificial intelligence. Are you ready? Want to leverage your IT and data investments as you make the climb? Join us on February 27th at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time as IBM experts and industry leaders share a fast, scalable approach toward reimagining IT with machine learning. This one-hour special broadcast will take you through the steps to prepare for the big move, including demos on how to best collect, oranize, secure and analyze your data. Learn how machine learning will accelerate the journey to AI as it penetrates businesses and enterprise functions while it redefines entire industries. Rob Thomas, General Manager of IBM Analytics will host the webcast. Hear from leaders in the industry: - Katie Linendoll, Writer & Contributor for TODAY show - Jeremiah Owyang, Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights - Vitaly Tsivin, EVP Business Intelligence for AMC Networks - Alissa Hess, Executive Director of Enterprise Machine Learning, USAA - Sam Lightstone, IBM Fellow, Master Inventor and Author - Trisha Mahoney, Product Marketer & Data Scientist, IBM Data Science Experience - Dinesh Nirmal, Vice President, IBM Analytics Development - Madhu Kochar, Vice President, IBM Analytics Product Development & Client Success - And SPECIAL GUEST - Garry Kasparov, World Champion of Chess, founder of the Kasparov Chess Foundation. You will also see demos of machine learning in leading-edge data and analytics products: - See how IBM infuses machine learning into the way it interacts with customers - See how you can securely train a model behind your firewall, then easily deploy on the cloud with one click - See futuristic technology that takes database performance to a new level - See how ML accelerates the process of classifying data while increasing its quality This event is hosted in New York City, USA and will be broadcast at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. If you cannot make this time, sign up for the calendar reminder to access the replay date and time. Sign up now for a calendar reminder on February 27th - https://ibm.co/2npfi3K • What to bring • Important to know

  • Data Science for All: It's a Whole New Game

    Global OnLine

    Join us for a 75-minute web event featuring Nate Silver, Tricia Wang and the latest data science tools. This web broadcast explores how data science is becoming accessible to more roles than ever. With the right expertise and the right tools, everyone on the team can pull more meaning from data, while those who need it maintain flexibility to use the latest tools, languages, frameworks and libraries. The agenda includes: • Legendary statistician Nate Silver sheds light on the predictive power of data • A panel of data science experts discuss their unique data challenges and approaches to creating a data-driven culture • IBM Leaders share demos of the latest data science tools • Tech host Katie Linendoll keeps it entertaining and high-energy. Watch and learn more at http://ibm.com/dsforall Be sure to sign up for a calendar reminder and pick up the replay site if you can't make the webcast.

  • Fast Track Your Data - Live from Munich, Germany

    Infinity Hotel & Conference Center

    NOTE: • FACE-TO-FACE EVENT BEGINS AT 11:30 CEST (Central European Standard Time) and ends at 20:00. • LIVE STREAM BEGINS AT 13:00 AND ENDS AT 15:00 CEST. Live in Munich and streamed around the world, get the information you need to take advantage of the single biggest advantage you have – your data. You will see live machine learning and data science demos to get your team started making the most of your data right away, while helping you get ready for current and upcoming regulations, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). Speakers include IBM customers such as ING, industry insiders such as Hilary Mason and Dez Blanchfield, and IBM leaders Rob Thomas, General Manager of IBM Analytics, and Marc Altshuller, General Manager of IBM Business Analytics. Join us on June 22nd in Munich, Germany, to learn more. You can register for the in-person event here. http://ibm.biz/ibmmachinelearning (https://www.ibm.com/analytics/us/en/events/machine-learning/). (please note: You must register for either the in-person event or the livestream. RSVP's are not allowed) Agenda ( CEST): 11:30 - 13:00 - Registration, Lunch & Demonstrations 13:00 - 15:00 - Keynote Session - Hosted by: Kate Silverton - Television Journalist and Rob Thomas - IBM General Manager (NOTE: this 2 hour session is available via live web broadcast and replay) • Turning Insight into Data Products and Business Advantage - Hilary Mason(Data Scientist in Residence at Accell, Co-founder of Fast Forward Labs) • Data Science is a Team Sport - Dez Blanchfield (Data Science Evangelist, Consultant), Marc Altshuller (General Manager, IBM Business Analytics) and Hilary Mason • Changing Regulations into Assets - Seth Dobrin (Vice President & Chief Data Officer, IBM Analytics), John Bowman (Senior Principal, Promontory Financial Group and GDPR Expert), Henrik van Bruggen (Head of Enterprise Architecture, ING) • The biggest balancing act: Hybrid data management - Dinesh Nirmal (Vice President, Development, IBM Analytics) 15:15 - 17:00 - Breakout Sessions - Engineering our Data Driven Future - Hilary Mason - Presentation and Audience Q&A - Ask a Data Scientist - Audience Q&A with Data Scientists from IBM's Machine Learning Hub in Boeblingen - Data Science and the Business Professional - Dez Blanchfield - GDPR & Compliance - Seth Dobrin, Rob Langhorst (Executive Project Manager and GDPR Specialist, IBM Global Business Services) - Demo: Experience where data goes next: Read your customer's mind 17:15 - 20:00 - Reception. 25+ Demonstrations from IBM and Partners - John Thomas (Distinguished Engineer and Director, IBM Analytics) If you are unable to attend the in-person event in Munich, register for the Web Broadcast by clicking the link below (note: click Register twice to get to choice): http://ibm.biz/ibmmachinelearning (https://www.ibm.com/analytics/us/en/events/machine-learning/). Please note that RSVP's do not guarantee you a seat at the event. Once you register you will be given the URL for the Web Broadcast and replay.

  • Machine Learning Launch


    The demand for machine learning is booming! Calling all IT executives, data scientists, Chief Data Officers, data architects and other data geeks. Join us on February 15th from 2:00-5:30 pm ET via livestream (replay available starting February 16th) , and discover how machine learning is fundamentally changing the way we work and live. Hear about cognitive applications that anticipate behavior and learn from data without being explicitly programmed. You'll learn about the latest breakthrough developments on machine learning as well as Spark, data and analytics. Mike Gualtieri, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester, will present his view on how to best leverage technologies such as big data, predictive analytics, Hadoop/Spark, machine learning, data science, and AI. Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Analytics will host an agenda which will include guest speakers and cover the following topics: • Machine Learning Overview • Top Trends in Machine Learning & Cognitive Applications • Cognitive Analytics and Machine Learning for the Enterprise • Live Product Demonstration & Client Roundtable on Machine Learning • Data Innovation with Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing • Spark & Machine Learning for Enterprise Systems For additional details and to REGISTER, please visit MACHINE LEARNING. (http://www.ibm.com/analytics/us/en/events/machine-learning/) Register NOW and we'll send you a reminder!

  • DataFirst Launch Event – Experience new ways to put your data to work

    On September 27, 2016, leading minds in data and analytics will come together and unveil the latest in cloud technology, enabling you to more efficiently put data to work. Experience how Spark, Hadoop, Python, and more are being used to bring together all types of data professionals –from data engineers, to data scientists, developers and business analysts –to work in new collaborative ways. The IBM DataFirst Launch Event will unite data and analytics leaders and practitioners from the open source community, startups, and enterprises. Check the event site (http://www.ibm.com/analytics/us/en/events/datafirst/index.html) for the latest lineup of guest speakers. The event takes place @ 6pm at the Hudson Mercantile Building, NYC. Here’s the plan: • The Big Reveal –Experience new ways to work for data engineers, data scientist, developers, and business analysts, both individually and collectively. •Hands-on sessions – With interactive experiences for each of these professions. •Use Cases –Community leaders and guest speakers will share their expertise and vision •Networking Opportunity – Food, drinks, data, collaborative demos, and a party on the rooftop Learn more here: DataFirst Launch Event Check-in and networking begins at 6:00 PM. Food and drinks will be served. You must register for this event. To get your ticket, and attend in person, click HERE (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ibm-datafirst-launch-event-registration-26725283041). Can't attend in person? We'll be live streaming this event. Register for the LIVE STREAM (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/livestream-ibm-datafirst-launch-event-registration-26906650516)and we'll send you a calendar update and login link.

  • Show Us Your Apps - Apache Spark Maker Build Global Hackathon

    Global Online Hackathon

    THIS IS A GLOBAL ON-LINE HACKATHON THAT BEGINS MAY 23, 2016 AND NOW ENDS AUGUST 23, 2016. SUBMISSIONS DUE AUGUST 23rd BY 5:00 PM EST. We’re extending the hackathon deadline to August 23 - that’s 20 additional days to build your Spark enterprise app. (View the revised competition calendar HERE (http://apachespark.devpost.com/details/dates). We're giving you more time because.... We’re adding new enterprise data resources to the site and we want to give you a chance to incorporate these into your projects, if you so choose. Our awesome data co-sponsors Yelp (http://www.yelp.com/nyc) and Uncharted Software (https://uncharted.software/) have generously shared some of their enterprise data sets for you to use during the hackathon. Yelp’s data includes 2.2M reviews by 552K users for 77K businesses. The Uncharted data includes Bitcoin network transactions from processing the Bitcoin blockchain as of mid-2014 and Amazon product reviews from 1995 through 2003. For a fuller description and data access, visit our resources page (http://apachespark.devpost.com/details/resources#datasets). Uncharted Software also has a couple cool Spark data visualization libraries you should check out: Salt (http://unchartedsoftware.github.io/salt/) and SparkPipe. (http://unchartedsoftware.github.io/sparkpipe-core/) And, in case you’d like to weigh the effects of weather on business operations, we’re also offering access to the full suite of Weather Company APIs (http://apachespark.devpost.com/details/weather_data) for the duration of the hackathon. Finally, if you’re looking for a hosting solution for your Spark app, we’re now offering extended Bluemix trials for all hackathon participants. Using Bluemix services to build your project is totally optional, but might be a good way to get your app up and running — particularly with the IBM Analytics for Apache Spark service. You can request your extended Bluemix trial code here. (http://apachespark.devpost.com/details/bluemix_promo) For all hackathon participants, trials will extend through November 1, 2016. Now go forth and optimize for the enterprise! --------------------- Build an Apache Spark application to address a real business problem or core concern related to customer care, marketing, risk management or operations. Join IBM and Devpost for a global hackathon using Apache Spark Makers Build (http://apachespark.devpost.com/?utm_source=facebook-partner&utm_medium=wall-post&utm_campaign=apachespark). There are $100,000 in cash prizes. Submissions can be sent in up to August 23rd. Participation Details: To participate in the global virtual hackathon, you can register here (http://apachespark.devpost.com/?utm_source=facebook-partner&utm_medium=wall-post&utm_campaign=apachespark). Please review all registration guidelines. For the hack, you will apply Apache Spark's powerful analytics capabilities to enterprise and other relevant data so data scientists and software developers can build an analytics or mobile/web app that tackles a key business problem in marketing, customer case, operations or risk management. The grand prize is $50,000, and the top three winners each get a meeting with the judge or Spark community expert of their choice; the judging panel includes data experts from Tesla, Netflix, and Silicon Valley Data Science. Go to apachespark.devpost.com (http://apachespark.devpost.com/?utm_source=facebook-partner&utm_medium=wall-post&utm_campaign=apachespark) for full details and registration. Please review all registration rules. Questions? We're here to help. If you have any questions about the hackathon, post on the discussion forum (http://apachespark.devpost.com/forum_topics) or email [masked] and we'll respond as soon as we can.