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The focus of this Meetup group is to foster knowledge in area of Big data and iot. Our goal is to shared and educate people on varied topics within the Big data and IOT space.

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Software Professionals - Anyone curious and interested in learning about Big data and IOT.

It would range from people who are just curious George to folks who want to take Big data as profession/career.

Most of the sessions would be Webinar so location should not be a constrain for people to join.

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Our passion is to help the world be more informed through these knowledge sharing and education sessions

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This group is to foster learning of Big data and IOT technologies.

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Big Data Hadoop & Spark Bootcamp - Learn in a fun way

Come along with us on the journey of the mystic world of Apache Spark.!!! In this talk we'll explore: - Why Big data? - Big data world before Spark Location: 39111 Paseo Padre Pkwy Suite 305 Fremont, CA 94536 Murco Plaza - It is on 3rd Floor, Suite 305 In case you come after 7 pm pst, the main office building gets closed and you can press 301 in the phone buzzer beside the main building door on the garage side. In case you need zoom for joining remote, please use below details Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/857610958 For questions reach us at[masked] or [masked]

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