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Dear current and prospective group members,

This Meetup group is currently undergoing a major transformation to continually improve upon past programs. Meetup organizers recently reached out to me to ask me to step up and take the lead on the group based on my past technical and project management experience in Silicon Valley, combined with my past experience organizing and hosting major diplomatic dialogues in Washington DC and around the world.

As background and as mentioned in this message below from the previous organizers, this group was on the verge of completely disappearing unless someone put in the financial resources and effort to keep it going, so I agreed to step in: "On May 1st, 2018, this Meetup group will no longer have an Organizer. If you are interested in stepping up as an Organizer and taking over the operations of group, please reach out to the Meetup staff. When you contact Meetup, refer to the group’s name and they will get you set up. Otherwise, this group will dissolve after an allotted period of time if no one steps up to take over as the Organizer. Thank you, Apex Users Group Organizer"

Over the next year, I will be working with an outside consulting firm and any interested group members to determine the future direction of this group. We will improve the group by reassessing its many aspects: Will this group continue to focus exclusively on Hadoop, or broaden to other aspects of AI and big data? Is Apache willing to continue to sponsor the group, or should the group diversify and seek other sponsors? Is there interest keeping the current technical focus, but to also broaden by incorporating new policy discussions, AI and big data book talks, and professional happy hours? Should the group name therefore evolve into something along the lines of: Policy and Practice of AI and Big Data. Please private message me if you are in interested in being a fellow leader in this endeavor to improve our group, and I would be glad to work together with you.



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