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We are planning to host a Hadoop Hackathon on Saturday, 13th December.

This Hackthon will be a learning platform for all, where we can learn by doing things live. There are two track in this Hackathon:

1.) Hadoop Cluster Setup Stream: This stream is suited for people who are new to Hadoop and its Eco-system. In this stream we will form teams and try to setup a Hadoop cluster on machine. The objective of this stream is to get hands on basics of Hadoop.

2). Map Reduce Stream: This stream will try and solve a problem using Hadoop Map-Reduce Framework. We will be given a problem, data and a cluster where people can validate their solution. People in this stream should have basic knowledge about Hadoop. The objective of this stream would be to get hands on basic Map Reduce problem solving skills on Hadoop.

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Some Key Notes:

1.) Hackthon is not a training program or a competition organized by ThoughWorks. This is just a meetup where people are expected to learn by trying out the technology.

2.) There will be few session about Hadoop in the morning to help people to get started on Hadoop.

3.) ThoughtWorks will be sponsoring Hadoop cluster for these event to execute and validate the solution. We request people to carry laptop with them to build their solution.

4.) This is a free event.

5). RSVP for this event is not open. We will open RSVP later.

More Details:

Perquisite for the event:

1. Laptop with atleast 2 Core and 2 GB R.A.M

2. Desired: Nix based operating system. If you have windows machine, get a virtual NIX machine using vagrant, fusion e.t.c.

Hadoop Setup Stream:

- Basic Knowledge of basic unix command

- Basic Knowledge of Java

Map/Reduce Stream:

- Basic Knowledge of basic unix command

- Basic Knowledge of Java

- Basic Knowledge of Hadoop.

Hackathon Agenda:

10:00 a.m : Introduction Session of Hadoop and Map Reduce.

11:00 a.m : Start of Hackathon. Sample Problem Statement for Map Reduce stream will be provided.


1. This is a Hackathon, not a training session. There will be few people from ThoughtWorks who will help you.

2. For Map Reduce Stream, you will get a Sample Problem statement and seed data to test your system.


Q). I have an window machine, how can i setup the the Nix machine?

A). Use the following tutorial to install NIX based OS on window machine.

Q). I am a student/novice with no prior hadoop knowledge. Is this event for me as well?

A). This events is created for people who have no prior knowledge of Hadoop ecosystem to get started. You just need some prior understanding of basic Computer Science. If you have little programming experience, you can easily get started. This event will give you platform to start with Hadoop.

Q). Any perquisite for Map Reduce Stream?

A). You should have java jdk and maven installed on your system and have on IDE [Intellij or Eclipse] installed on your system.

Installing Java JDK:



Installing Maven on



Installing Intellij:

Make sure you are able to run a sample Java program you box.


To setup your P.C, please download the following repo from github and then run the WordCountDriver program.