• How to Build a Big Data Application: Serverless Edition

    How to Build a Big Data Application: Serverless Edition Come learn how to build, launch, and scale a Big Data application in a serverless context. This is going to be an information packed meetup around Big Data processing, Lambda functions, Lambda Step functions, and everything that ties them together. Big Data is something we're very passionate about. As the cost of servers have come down and the cost of software has become free, using data to drive your business has become much more obtainable to a larger group of companies. The serverless methodology has recently come in the scene, and it's proving to be just as transformational as cloud has been to the Big Data analytics space. We will be sharing some of our learnings and experiences over the last two years of working with Big Data in a serverless context. We will cover one or two examples of eventful Big Data processing, and the impact it can have on your business in terms of speed of analytics and cost savings to the bottom line. Agenda: 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm: Registration & Networking 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm: How to Build a Big Data Application: Serverless Edition 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm: Q&A

  • How to Get Started with NLP (Machine Learning)

    Join us for learning how to get started with NLP and Machine Learning. There are vast amounts of data out in the world and the majority of it is text. One of the methods of extracting meaning and learning from text data is called Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a fast moving and growing field of study that has created exciting results. Using NLP, you have the ability to extract meaning from vast quantities of data, enabling your organization to create actionable metrics. There are many practical applications for NLP, such as: • Identifying different cohorts of users/customers (product preferences, lifetime value, predicting churn) • Accurately detecting and extracting different categories of feedback (positive and negative reviews/opinions, mentions of particular attributes such as clothing size/fit) • Classifying text according to intent (e.g request for basic help, urgent problem) We will explore a few of these use cases during our meetup. Please come and learn with us as we explore NLP and how it can help unlock your data. Agenda: 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm: Registration & Networking 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm: How to Get Started with NLP (Machine Learning) 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm: Q&A

  • AI Expo - free tickets to our members

    Santa Clara Convention Center

    The AI Expo North America is arriving in Silicon Valley and we have free tickets to our group members! The AI Expo (https://www.ai-expo.net/northamerica/) is being held on the 29-30th of November and in total will host over 9,000+ attendees, 300+ exhibitors, 15 conference tracks, a start-up zone and 2 co-located events covering Blockchain (https://blockchain-expo.com/northamerica/) and IoT (https://www.iottechexpo.com/northamerica/). The AI Expo will have 4 conference tracks over two days, including 2 that are free to attend. - Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise - Artificial Intelligence in Consumer & Digital Transformation - Artificial Intelligence for Developers (free to attend) - Bot & Virtual Assistant Development (free to attend) Here's the full agenda (https://www.ai-expo.net/northamerica/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/AI-Expo-North-America-Agenda.pdf). Speakers (https://www.ai-expo.net/northamerica/speakers/) include: · Matt Carroll, Developer Relations - Google Assistant, Google · William Groves, Chief Data & Analytic Officer, Honeywell · Nathalie Choy, National Manager - Digital, Social & CRM, Kia Motors America, Inc · Shani Offen, Machine Learning Chapter Lead, Spotify · Xin Fu, Senior Director of Data Science, LinkedIn · Elena Grewel, Head of Data Science, Airbnb · Yunsong Guo, Staff Machine Learning Engineer, Pinterest · Chen Peng, Head of UberEverything Data Science, Uber · Jeremy Frank, Group Lead, NASA · Suqiang Song, Big Data Lead Architect, Mastercard · Vadim Kutsyy, Distinguished Architect, Data Science, PayPal · Bill Yue Chen, Chief Security Architect, Visa · Youri Bebic, Head of Product and Innovation, MoneyGram International · Steve Ellis, EVP, Head of the Innovation Group, Wells Fargo · Anarghya Vardhana, Senior Associate, Maveron · Sunanda Parthasarathy, Assoc. Dir. Data Science | Algorithms | Machine Learning, Wayfair · Jay Shah, Lead Data Engineer, Target · Chris Shelton, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, The AES Corporation · Alex Bunardzic, Senior Software Developer, Research and Development, Staples · Dr. Danny Lange, Vice President of AI and Machine Learning, Unity Technologies, Inc. · Gail Seanor, Sr Director, Marketing Technology, TGI Friday's · Jack Hanlon, VP of Analytics, Jet.com · Geeta Wilson, Vice President, Consumer Experience Enterprise Transformation, Humana Inc. · Karen Tay, Director, Singapore, Smart Nation · Ana Brant, Director, Global Guest Experience & Innovation, Dorchester Collection · Brandon Purcell, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research · Jason Costa, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, GGV Capital · Peter Carr, Research Scientist, Disney Research · Mehdi Jamei, Executive Director, Bayes Impact · Marissa Chacko, Director of Consumer Products, Foursquare · Kumar Srivastava, VP, Product & Strategy, ML, AI, BNY Mellon · Domenic Venuto, General Manager, Consumer Products, The Weather Company Register here (https://gateway.ai-expo.net/north-america/central-grid/register/) for a Free Expo Pass and if you wanted full access to the event, you can save 15% on an all-access conference and networking pass using the discount code SVBIGDATA15

  • Scaling out Postgres: Why and How

    General Assembly

    Set theory forms the basis for relational algebra and relational databases, and SQL is the lingua franca of modern RDBMS’s. Even with all the attention given to NoSQL in recent years, the lion share of database usage remains relational. But until recently, nearly all relational database solutions have been limited to the resources of a single node. Not anymore. This talk is about my team’s journey tackling the challenges of distributing SQL. Specifically in the context of my favorite (open source) database: Postgres. I believe that too many developers spend too much time worrying about scaling their databases. So at Citus Data, we created an extension to Postgres that enables developers to scale out compute, memory, and storage by distributing queries across a cluster of nodes. This talk describes the distributed systems challenges we faced at Citus in scaling out Postgres—and how we addressed them. I’ll talk about how we use PostgreSQL’s extension APIs to parallelize queries in a distributed cluster. I’ll cover the architecture of a distributed query planner and specifically how the join order planner has to choose between broadcast, co-located, and repartition joins in order to minimize network I/O. And if there’s time, I’ll walk through the dynamic executor logic that we built. The end result: a distributed database and a lot less time spent worrying about scale. Agenda: 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm: Registration & Networking 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm: Scaling out Postgres: Why and How 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm: Q&A About Ozgun Erdogan: Ozgun is a co-founder and the CTO at Citus Data. Prior to Citus, Ozgun worked as a software developer in the Distributed Systems Engineering team at Amazon. There, he proposed, designed, and implemented novel algorithms on distributed caching and consistency; and also worked on building systems for scalable data analytics. Ozgun earned his M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and his B.S. from Galatasaray University. He also holds patents on distributed cache consistency and load balancing.

  • Sales Workshop for Founders

    Innoworld Coworking & Private Office Space

    PLEASE BUY YOUR TICKET AT THIS LINK: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sales-workshop-for-founders-tickets-38693146242 DESCRIPTION: Sales is the lifeline for your startup, and the founder is the first salesperson. No matter what the fundraising market looks like, if you are increasing sales month over month, you are on the road to success. Steffany has been one of the top salespersons at every startup she worked at for the last few years, and she learned a few things that can be valuable for early stage companies in both the open source and the SaaS world. At the workshop you'll learn straight forward tips for negotiating and closing your first few customers. Agenda 6:30pm - 7:00pm: Check in, Food, Networking 7:00pm - 8:30pm: Presentation, Q & A 8:30pm - 9:00pm: Networking About Steffany Boldrini (https://twitter.com/steffbold): Steffany is Director of Sales at Citus Data. In the past she was in sales at Sauce Labs and at MongoDB where she received numerous awards as top seller. Prior to that she was also a founder of a green marketplace. Steffany was born and raised on a small ranch in Brazil, came to the Bay Area in 2000, and has been a techaholic ever since!

  • Live Webinar - How Apache Spark Adoption is Empowering Data Driven Enterprises

    Join experts from StreamAnalytix and guest Forrester Research on Oct 13 and learn why Apache Spark is becoming the de facto technology choice for stream processing, real-time analytics, data science and machine learning applications at scale. Topics to be covered: 1. What is driving Spark adoption- influencers, trends, compelling capabilities, use cases, challenges or inhibitors? 2. Impetus customer success stories around real-time solutions with Spark/StreamAnalytix. 3. An overview of Impetus Visual Spark Studio – a free, newly downloadable IDE that offers break-through productivity to learn, develop and deploy Spark based real-time and advanced analytical applications When – October 13 (10:00 am PT/ 1:00 pm ET) Register now – http://bit.ly/2xO2mv2

  • Join us at API World 2017 (100 Free OPEN Passes)

    San Jose Convention Center

    We’re excited to partner with API World 2017 http://apiworld.co/ the world's largest conference dedicated to the new API economy! Join over 3,000 attendees by participating in the 5-day event that includes a hackathon, hiring mixer, expo and Microservice Conference. Get your free OPEN Pass here (Limit 100): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/api-world-2017-tickets-30521108457?discount=API17-MU10 Past API World speakers include executives from Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, CA Technologies, IBM, HP, TechCrunch, Mongo, Neo Technology, and hundreds more. What does your OPEN Pass get you into? Check it out here. 50+ Exhibitors 50+ OPEN talks and workshops Week of partner events API World Hackathon - you can register here for free: http://apiworld.co/hackathon/ OR Get 20% off your All-Access PRO Pass: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/api-world-2017-tickets-30521108457?discount=API17-PRO20 What does your PRO Pass get you into? 2-Day Microservice Conference GraphQL & Emerging Technology Track APIs 101: Strategy & Monetization APIs 101: Design & Technology

  • Apache Spark Structured Streaming Upgrade and How Enterprises Can Benefit

    Attend this webinar to learn about Structured Streaming and how it can help to perform complex streaming analytics with improved and unprecedented speed-to-insights. Topics to be covered: 1. Evolution of Spark and its functionality to date including version 2.2 2. Structured Streaming - Technical overview, benefits and limitations 3. How to integrate Structured Streaming with the surrounding stack 4. Talent Vs Tooling Date- August 23 (9:30 am PT/12:30 pm ET) Register now – http://bit.ly/2frZ1Ku