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Capitalism does Not work

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The Camel

1 YueYang Road, near DongPing Road · Shanghai

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5 minutes walk from Changshu Road metro station

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Following the success of ‘The World would be better without Religion' debate, it's time to get stuck into another classic.

Big Debate motion: Capitalism does Not work

Are you For the motion? Against the motion? Undecided? Come and throw your perspective into the theatre of ideas. Or sit back and see if anyone can persuade you either way.

Karl Marx famously said 'Workers of the world unite: you have nothing to lose but your chains.' Does Capitalism create a dog eat dog world where profit takes precedent over well-being, equality and fairness? Or does the free market system allow humans to channel their self interest and through the 'invisible hand' help communities grow in prosperous harmony?

An Oxford dictionary definition of Capitalism:

An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Thought provoking links: Relatively impartial history of Capitalism (14 mins) Noam Chomsky, On Capitalism, For the motion (7 mins) The Guardian, Capitalism is Failing, For the motion (3 mins) Milton Friedman, Power of the Free Market, Against the motion (2 mins) George Mason University, Is Capitalism Moral?, Against the motion (5 mins)

Debate format:

(stolen from Intelligence Squared US Debates)

Each Debate will have 6 Front Line Debaters, 3 for the motion, 3 against the motion.

*All front-line debaters need to contact Liam McManus as soon as possible to be considered as a Front-line debater. Contact Liam via Wechat@liam-mcmanus.

Initial Vote: All debaters/audience members will cast their vote for the motion, against the motion or undecided.

Section 1:
Six Front-line debaters (three for the motion/three against the motion) will be each be given 3 minutes of uninterrupted argument presentation time. (20 minutes)

Section 2:
The floor will be opened to the Front-line debaters to respond to each other, followed by opportunity for the audience debaters to question, comment and challenge. The Moderater (me this time) will facilitate full scale all out debate through a variety of key battle areas. (40 minutes)

Section 3:
One Front-line debater and two audience members for each side will each have 2 minutes uninterrupted closing statements. (15 minutes)

Final Vote: All debaters will cast their vote for, against or undecided. The side that changed the most minds from the initial vote shall win.

*No criticism of the our host nation is permitted.

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