PDF Liberation Hackathon

This is a past event

70 people went

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Our judges - Mike Tigas (https://mike.tig.as/) and Jeremy Merrill (http://jeremybmerrill.com/) - creators of Tabula (http://tabula.nerdpower.org/), will be announcing their choices at 1pm EST on Google Hangout.

Join us (https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/calendar/am9lbC5uYXRpdmlkYWRAb250b2RpYS5jb20.jg2a87qbpagu0b8j33ttjeg120)! Especially if you've submitted an entry that complies with the guidelines (http://www.meetup.com/Big-Open-Data/messages/boards/thread/41154302) to quickly pitch your submission.

In partnership with Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, the Sunlight Foundation (http://www.sunlightfoundation.com/) and others, we will be sponsoring an event dedicated to hacking PDFs.
While Adobe's invention of the Portable Document Format was a great accomplishment, the technology has one unfortunate side effect: data contained within PDFs is hard to extract and analyze without expensive specialized software. Since governments and other large organizations publish large quantities of data as PDFs, they are providing the appearance of transparency without all the benefits.
Our hackathon will be dedicated to finding new ways to streamline and improve the extraction of data from PDFs. Sponsors will provide specific challenges, including sample PDFs and desired output formats. Hackers, using their own tool or off-the-shelf technologies, will create software to extract the data and generate the specified output. Teams are also welcome to bring or formulate their own challenges which will be judged for both creativity and quality of execution. Finally, teams may focus on making general purpose enhancements to existing PDF extraction tools like Tabula (http://tabula.nerdpower.org).
Winning entries will receive prizes. Fully open source entries will also be featured on Sunlight’s API Community Page (http://sunlightfoundation.com/api/community/).
Hackers may participate in person or on line. Detailed specifications and a list of off-the-shelf tools will be provided prior to the start of the event. Check the hackathon resource page at http://pdfliberation.wordpress.com .
Ontodia is proud to host the New York hack space and will host select community-liberated PDF data in pediacities (http://pediacities.com) - its urban informatics platform.
In addition to RSVP'ing to the the Meetup, we request that you also sign up using this Google Form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rXggRHhlprYfHsB64dZ-zpVrhqMitcPkN1vEMD7_03k/viewform).
For the announcement on the Sunlight Foundation blog please go to