What we're about

If you're interested in the world you live in and fancy sharing opinions and ideas in a friendly environment, or even just listening to the views of others, then this group could be just up your street!

Each time we meet for a meal there will be some Question Cards to spark a bit of discussion and debate...here are a few examples:
..Is the 'snowflake' generation much maligned?
..What will be the values in our society by the year 2030?
..Despite it's faults, is the NHS still something to be really proud of?
..Is big business a force for good or bad?
..Are we deluded in thinking we are are an inclusive society?
..Should current world events prompt serious investment in our Armed Forces?
So if these are a starter for ten, what Questions are you interested in discussing?

As a small but very select group of people who love to discuss the world we live in, as organiser, I am now seeking to limit membership to around 100. I think friendship and community are as important as dinner and discussion and a smaller group will help that. To create new opportunities for those who come along and want to join, I actively remove those who have not attended an event for 6 months or more.

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Dinner and Debate!

The New Inn

Come and shares your views and opinions on the world we live in. From politics to religion to social issues, spiritual beliefs and values. Do you know right from wrong, who are the world's strongest leaders, is your doctor ruining your health? The topics are endless - I usually bring about 6 suggestions with me each time. We don't all share the same views and welcome everyone who wants to discuss and share in a friendly environment over a meal. Oh and bring your sense of humour too as that goes a long way to make a meal an event to remember! Table booked in the name of Helen. Deadline for attendance is 2 days before so we can confirm numbers with the restaurant. Also, we can all have plan changes and last minute hold ups as that's part of life, but just not turning up isn't very respectful to the wider group. Thank you!

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Dinner and Debate!


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