BDAM 06/10: TiDB Operator in OLTP and OLAP workloads; TiDB in Kubernetes


We are excited to welcome you at the next BDAM Meetup on June 10th in Mountain View!

Thank you to Google for hosting this meetup in Mountain View!


6:00- 6:30PM Registration + Networking (Food included)
6:30- 7:00PM Talk 1
7:00- 7:30PM Talk 2
7:30- 8:00PM Talk 3

Talk 1:

Speaker: Vinisha Shah and Lea Cuniberti-Duran, Google Cloud

Title: Collecting IoT device Data and Triggering Alerts in Realtime using CDAP

Briefing: Industries such as telecom, healthcare and transportation use sensors to monitor devices by collecting raw operational data. These sensors generate data continuously. The volume of the data generated at any site varies drastically based on the quantity and type of sensors installed, as well as the assets being monitored. In this session, we will demonstrate a code-free way to build a realtime streaming pipeline to process raw IoT sensor data and send realtime alerts using CDAP.

Bio: Vinisha Shah is a Software Engineer on the Data Analytics team@ Google. She has been focusing on developing distributed backend for CDAP and integration with cloud runtime.

Lea Cuniberti-Duran has worked as a UX Designer for the better part of the last 20+ years. In the last 4 years, she has focused on designing experiences for enterprise users in the Big Data/AI space. On the Google Data Analytics team, she has been translating command-line actions to point-and-click interactions, focusing on making highly technical tasks, such as building pipelines and managing Big Data, intuitive to non-technical users.

Talk 2:

Speaker: Kevin Xu, PingCAP GM of Global Strategy & Operations
Title: Kubernetes Operator

Briefing: In this talk, Kevin Xu, will introduce the architecture of TiDB and TiKV (a CNCF project), key use cases, and the open source Operator that is being developed to run TiDB in all Kubernetes-enabled cloud environments ( He will also talk about a production use case in Mobike, one of the largest dockless bikesharing platforms in the world.

Bio: Kevin Xu is the General Manager of Global Strategy and Operations at PingCAP, the team that's leading the development of TiDB, a NewSQL and MySQL-compatible distributed database. Its key-value storage layer, TiKV, is a CNCF member project. He recently talked about NewSQL databases and the Operator pattern in the follow forum:

- LA Kubernetes Meetup:
- Software Engineering Daily:
- The New Stack:


Speaker: Daniel Gu, VP of Americas, Kyligence USA
Title: Augmented OLAP for Big Data

Briefing: The talk is about why OLAP is still relevant in big data era, how Apache Kylin implemented the classic and proven OLAP concept on a brand new architecture based on big data technologies, and how it enables Augmented OLAP - a critical stream of Augmented Analytics that Gartner identifies as one of the Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2019.

Bio: Daniel has been working in the DW/BI and Big Data field for the past 18 years since day 1 of his career, as data engineer, data architect, engineering manager and data platform product manager.

Google Building PLY2, 1550 Plymouth St, Mountain View, CA 94043

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We look forward to welcome you!!!