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BigDataCloud (Tech Track) – NoSQL Solutions for Industries

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Network Meeting Center at Techmart

5201 Great America Pkwy # 122 · Santa Clara, CA

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Building opposite to the Hyatt in Santa Clara,CA

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This meetup will feature various companies demonstrating use cases of various NoSQL solutions for a particular industry.


6:00 pm – 6:30 pm:
Registration & Mixer

6:35 pm – 7:15 pm:
NoSQL for Advertising - The Real-Time User Data Problem.
- Brian Bulkowski, Founder and CEO of Citrusleaf

7:20 pm – 7:50 pm:
It's all Fun & Games: NoSQL for Social Gaming.
- Frank Weigel, Director of Product Management, Couchbase (

7:55 pm – 8:25 pm:
Telecom Scale Intelligent Decision Automation using NoSQL products.
- Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz ( Inc.

8:30 pm to 9:00 pm:
Q&A Session, Networking, Mixer
Topic Details:

6:35 pm – 7:15 pm:
NoSQL for Advertising - The Real-Time User Data Problem

Brian Bulkowski, Founder and CEO of Citrusleaf (, will focus on the role of innovative NoSQL databases in advertising and the problem of real-time user data. The talk will feature case studies from online and mobile advertising companies who are facing data challenges of 100s of terabytes and requirements for millisecond response times. Brian will discuss the data problems in real-time bidding applications and present some ideas for moving beyond the last click attribution model. He will illustrate why scalability and speed are so critical and how new technology approaches are driving innovation in digital advertising.

Brian Bulkowski is founder and CEO of Citrusleaf. Brian is an expert at building high-scale platforms and middleware that provide ease of use through technical excellence. As Director of Performance, he led a team to build a clustered distributed recommendation engine for Aggregate Knowledge. At Liberate, he was Chief Architect of Cable Solutions, as well as managing cross-functional groups and founding a new product line for the company. At Novell, he learned the game-changing power of commodity hardware as Lead of AppleTalk routing for Netware 3 and 4. Brian has also contributed to start-up efforts in the areas of mobile internet, wifi mesh technology, high-scale IP-based television, and the contextual web.
Brian holds a B.S. from Brown University in Mathematics/Computer Science.

7:20 pm – 7:50 pm:
It's all Fun & Games: NoSQL for Social Gaming.

Sudden explosions in number of players of a social game makes traditional SQL database a bad fit for social gaming. The desire for low latency, high throughput, easy scalability and reduction in the administration cost has lead many of the leading social game providers to use Couchbase' NoSQL solutions to address these needs. This session will describe typical gaming use-cases and details of Couchbase architecture.

Frank Weigel is Director of Product Management at Couchbase, the company formed by the recent merger of Membase and CouchOne. He is responsible for the company’s core NoSQL database products, and works with customers and users around the world to understand emerging requirements for low-latency, scalable data stores. He started his career 10 years ago in software engineering, primarily focused on dynamic binary translators, before crossing to the dark side and telling others what their code should do.

7:55 pm – 8:25 pm:
Telecom Scale Intelligent Decision Automation using NoSQL products.

Amdocs runs some of the biggest Oracle installations in the world for telecom companies. But relational technology simply wasn’t usable for their new Amdocs Intelligent Decision Automation (AIDA) system, which is designed to provide proactive customer management to improve satisfaction and avoid expensive call center contacts. They needed the flexibility of a non-relational graph database and an RDF triplestore to make this new personalized predictive CRM application work.

This discussion will describe the reasons why Amdocs went non-relational given that they have so much experience with relational technologies, and provide a real world use case with a solid argument for considering NoSQL technologies"

Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc. started his career as an experimental and cognitive psychologist, earning his PhD in cognitive science with a detailed model of car driver behavior using Lisp and Soar. He has spent most of his professional life in telecommunications research, specializing in intelligent user interfaces and applied artificial intelligence projects. From 1995 to 2004, he was also a part-time professor in the Industrial Design department of the Technical University of Delft. Jans is currently the CEO of Franz Inc., the leading supplier of commercial, persistent, and scalable RDF database products that provide the storage layer for powerful reasoning and ontology modeling capabilities for Semantic Web applications.

Light snacks would be served