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D3.js Fundamentals / Ofir Tadmor

Over the years D3 has become one of the most popular libraries for data visualizations in Web apps.
in this lecture, we`ll look over the main modules, functions and building blocks of this powerful library.
By having your first steps learning this library, you will not only have a better understanding of data visualizations concepts but also increase your understanding in HTML, CSS, and JS.
Ofir Tadmor, a full-stack developer in Big Panda. In the past, he managed and developed BI solutions in the IDF, including ETL, Data manipulation and complex data visualizations.

How do you draw Math? / Ayelet Sapirstein

Do you have a creative side?
Are you a closet artist?
This lecture will inspire you to turn math and coding into art.
Witness familiar freshman math theorems turn into stories and beautiful mathematicians’ portraits.
Learn how to use your problem-solving skills to create art.
The lecture will include a hands-on tutorial, you will write code that creates art with only a few lines.
Experience Euler like never before.
Ayelet Sapirshtein is an algorithm developer in the field of computer vision.
After a long day of solving bugs, Ayelet creates art.
And when really mad, she combines the two.
Her works have been displayed in several exhibitions.