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Responsive UI in ReactNative / Ronen Mars

ReactNative is a leading framework in our industry, but sometimes making it look good on all devices might be a real struggle.
When we initiate a new app, we want our single code to behave the same on any platform and any screen. Unfortunately, ReactNative doesn’t support it out of the box, and often we need to look for the right tool to optimize our views.
In this session, we will understand how ReactNative calculates its’ sizes per device; we’ll review different solutions for different use-cases (e.g., iPhones’ notch), and we should work with mockups to make our app look the way we want.
Ronen Mars is an inspired full-stack web developer working at BigPanda.io, specializing in Frontend and architecture. He is passionate about JS, new technologies, and enjoys funny parrot gifs and film photography.

The New CSS Logical Properties / Elad Shechter

CSS Logical Properties – New world in CSS, which will give you new abilities with this new technology to support all types of languages, like Hebrew / English / Japanese / Mongolian, without the needs to make new styles!
– Say Hello to the Axis World
– Old World vs New World
– New CSS Logical Properties
– How to Update Your Website with this New Properties
– And More!
I’m Elad Shechter, a Web Developer specializing in CSS & HTML design and architecture. I’m CSS Architect and evangelist at AnimaApp.com.
Besides this, I’m the founder of CSS Masters Israel Community (local) & CSS Class Community (global), Writer of various globally known CSS articles, and a CSS speaker.