What we're about


A gonzo riding group? An innovative motorcycle event producer? A social media and lifestyle portal? A product designing think-tank? An activist org?

Whatever you wanna call us, we believe it's time to move beyond the handful of biker molds and bring the Motorcycle into the progress that's unfolding around us.

Wanna know where to start? How about here: Biker Quest (http://www.BikerQue.st)

Biker Entourage Online (http://www.bikerentourage.com)


"Leave the egos, drama and bullshit at home. Stunts are not permitted during group rides. By accepting and attending a ride, you acknowledge and agree to the risks, hazards, liabilities, and responsibilities of riding a motorcycle and riding with a group, including injury and/or death"

Legal Disclaimer

Riding or being a passenger on a motorcycle, particularly in a group, is an inherently dangerous activity. As a condition of your voluntary participation in our rides you assume any and all associated risk and agree to release and discharge "Biker Entourage, LLC" and its members, owners, organizers and participants from any and all claims, damages or liabilities arising from injury to your person or property. ALWAYS RIDE WITH PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND NEVER RIDE IMPAIRED.

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