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We are a club that rides for kids who are sick. Although our name signifies we ride for those inflicted with cancer, we also ride for children affected by other illnesses. We were started in Maricopa County Arizona in the greater Phoenix area In March of 2019 after our daughter lost her battle with leukemia complications in February 2019. This drove us to put our passion of riding motorcycles to good use, riding for those children and families affected with illness.

We were inspired by an organization. Our inspiration was “I run for Michael” which is an organization that has runners running for sick kids. Once a sick child registers they are assigned a runner who runs often and shows some of the races and things of that nature. We do something similar but with motorcycles.

Once a month we get together and go on our support rides. These are rides to show support by going a long distance locally (usually 50 to 150 miles or so). Each club member will have the name and background of a particular sick child registered with the club. When they ride they ride for that child. It is in this way we show a display of support from our biker community. Each sick child battling for their life will be attached to a “biker buddy”!

All persons with any bike that can do the speed limit are allowed on our monthly fundraising rides, however only members will specifically ride for those kids that are registered with the club as a “biker buddy” on support rides. Also, only members will ride to distribute the money raised to the selected organization. Each month the fundraiser ride will be for a specific purpose. Sometimes it will be to purchase toys for kids at a particular hospital. Other fundraiser rides will go into cancer research or to resources and personnel within hospitals that distributes sources of food or gas cards to those families who have sick children and are in need. Each month members will vote to determine where the fundraiser money should go.

Unless weather is an issue, the fourth Sunday of each month is the ride day, and the second or each month is a fundraiser ride.

To become a member, you must attend 3 consecutive rides to show dedication to the cause, then you will have the opportunity to be voted into the club and purchase your club patches. All members must wear their vest (cut) and patches on rides. This is how we grow, and how we make a difference. To contact the president of the club directly please send questions or comments to Senseibcc@gmail.com

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Fundraising ride to Old Town Scottsdale for Zaliyah

Arrowhead Mall

Join us on this ride to Old town Scottsdale. On this ride each rider must pay a $15 minimum donation into each passenger $10 minimum donation. Each and every dollar will go to a young girl registered with our riding club named Zaliyah. She is a young girl with stage four cancer and is fighting for her life so every dollar will go to the family to help support and help alleviate their stress in their time of need. She is seven years old and her family needs our help. We will leave around 10 AM from the arrowhead mall heading to R&R pub in old Town Scottsdale, our destination will be 3737 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. We will hang out for about an hour or so then when ready to leave we will cruise through old town Scottsdale just prior to heading back home. We will stay there roughly 1-2 hours and head back. All riders are welcome to come.

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Wickenburg Toys For Kids Support Ride

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