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Are you new to town, are you alone and feel left out from what is happening in the real world? Are you lonely? Is it difficult to find the environment where you can make new friends? Are you working to hard and don't get a chance to meet new friends? Is it all work and no play? Would you like to meet new people and become friends? Let's get together , make friends and have fun.

Drama free single or married people. Looking to meet friends, who would like to get together for regular dinners, perhaps BBQs, picnics, or if you feel that you are walking alone we can meet up and go for weekly walks, movies, bonfires , fun times. Just remember This is not a hook up group. What you do in your own private time is your business. But out group reflects fun times at a PG rating. Friends having fun together . You may just meet some awesome friends.! Let's support each other in a positive way! I want you to step outside the box, meet new friends you would not otherwise know. We are all here for different reasons. We want people to view us as a group they would like to be a part of. Think of the show friends! Some ended up dating, married, some just friends, supporting each other thru daily life!!

I haven’t yet discovered or been able to recreate this family of friends in So Cal. So I'm reaching out to see if any of you want to actively help me build a family of friends of like-minded people who can share in creating something like what I've described above. My hope is that as we can create this family of friends that it will grow, thrive and inspire others. What would it be like to…

• Trust unreservedly

• Know you could rely on others and they on you

• Share any truth of who you are and not be judged; just heard and accepted

• Laugh late into the night

• Share your hopes and dreams and receive encouragement in return

• Call up any “family member” and just hang out because you want to

• To be that friend that someone else can “count on to be there”

• To rent a cabin in Mammoth for a ski trip or house in Napa for a long weekend wine-tasting •

• Share an enlightening weekend at Esalen meditating, variety of classes/seminars, etc.

• To collaborate in cooking together, alternating at each others' home

• To have a space to recount escapades at Burning Man

• To enjoy "movie nights" with popcorn or cheese and wine

• And to sometimes cry over a hurt or loss that’s occurred and receive a group hug in support.

If you desire this level of friendship and want to be part of cultivating a stronger sense of community in this world, then please join in co-creating a special family of friends. Everyone has special gifts to give to help expand this family to ever enriching experiences and cohesiveness. My hope is that this motivates people to open their homes and hearts to others. It is essential that all “family members” pitch in to organize events, etc.

There is just one rule in making friendships here, "If you can not say something nice about whatever is being discussed, dont say anything at all." I wish to inspire a environment where we always look for the good in everything, especially publicly, not to say that one on one you can not whinge about your challenges to your heart's content but being nice and tolerant is a key to a long lasting friendship and especially how one treats FAMILY. They say you can choose your friends but you cannot choose your FAMILY, hope you chose this MeetUp to be part of your new FAMILY.

General Etiquette: Please be respectful of others. Treat others as you wish to be treated. You have the right to express any opinion, question or concern, but please do it in a respectful non-confrontational manner. Please refrain from speaking negatively about members of the group. No gossip, no rumors. If you have a problem with another member, please keep it off the boards and address that person or an Organizer specifically. If you have any concerns about the group's events, policies or members, please direct your comments to any of the Organizer via email or phone. All feedback is taken seriously and confidentially. Attendance policy -This is a meetup group so we want active membership. Being active means attending at least one event every 2-3 months. However, we understand that some circumstances (e.g. illness, travel, birth, life etc.) do not always allow active participation. Only RSVP Yes for events that you can attend. Treat any Yes RSVP as you would an appointment or a commitment you would make with a close friend. Your hosts and organizers go to great lengths and often personal expense to make these events fun and enjoyable. It is also important that we accurately forecast attendance with our host venues. If you are unable to show up, please update your RSVP before the start time of the event. Members that chronically do not show up to events May be removed from the group.If we find that someone is not active based on the above criteria, the person may be removed from the group. Members who have been removed for violating our attendance policy may rejoin, at the discretion of the organizer team, after 30 days if she/he feels she/he can now be in compliance with the attendance policy.

Please note, I do attend and enjoy other meet-up groups but I am not responsible for their events. Please contact their organizers if your having problems. Some may or may not have policy in place such as mine.


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