Let's Talk Longevity & Undoing Aging


Hello all bio-hackers and longevists of Toronto and GTA,

Thanks again to all who came out to the last event and made it a success. Great discussion and feedback - I know I walked away having learned something new !

As promised at the last event, our next meet-up will be on the topic of life and healthspan extension, covering the science and the business sides of the industry. Over 100 companies are working on solutions in this field, which has been identified as the hottest place to invest by a number of notable investors. Some questions to think about:

- Can we "undo" aging ?
- Will the science of ageing catch up with the aspiration of ultra-long lives?
- What are the aging biomarkers ?
- Will we see viable anti-aging solutions in our lifetime ?

Note: I just got back from a trip overseas where I had a chance to meet with Brian Kennedy in Singapore and get his thoughts on the field of longevity - which I will definitely share as well.

• What we’ll do:

This will be an interactive and thought-provoking presentation, lead by me + discussion, with the purpose of unpacking the anti-aging and longevity industry.

If you’ve ever been curious about health and lifespan extension – this meet-up will be the perfect opportunity to delve in, learn, ask questions, and discuss !

• What to bring:

Your enthusiasm and curiosity !

• Important to note:

If you would like to bring a guest, please have them register for this meet-up, so that I have a better idea of the attendees and numbers, as there is limited space at the venue.

Looking forward to seeing you there !

P.S. If you'd like more background/context before the meet-up, check out my compiled list of top 10 talks on longevity: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/want-live-younger-longer-10-must-see-talks-human-andreiuk-mbiotech/