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Saturday Science: Reduced Acid Metal Etching

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Price: $30.00 /per person
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12:30pm to 2pm - Taught by Mark Kent, MS

Geared for ages 7 and up, please wear closed toed shoes in the lab.

What will we do?

Reduced Acid Metal Etching
The surface of metals is etched for a variety of purposes: to clean the surface by removal of oxidation, to prepare the surface for painting or other surface protection, to prepare the surface for enameling or other decoration, etc. Acid solutions can be used to etch metals, but there are certain disadvantages. Reduced-acid metal etching counters those disadvantages: 1) while corrosive, the solution is not as corrosive as acids; 2) there are not as many fumes generated as with acids; 3) because the etch process is not as rapid as with acids, it is more easily controlled.

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