Tech Tools for Twenty Twenty


Happy New Year Fellow Biohackers,

On January 15th at 7:00pm, Shannon Hoover from Fuse33 will walk us through current tech available to optimize the human biology.

Shannon is interested in developing 'augmented self' projects. Right now most of the wearable tech that exists is focused on 'quantified self', which basically means that tech is built to gather data about your life and activities, and extrapolate that into relevant data for you to act on.

The idea of 'augmented' self is that we pair those data gathering inputs with outputs that that influence our experience or surroundings.

During this talk Shannon will show you some samples of projects he has worked on followed up by some brainstorming on what products and life in the future might look like.

Participation is free, & our venue is again being hosted by Fuse33.

Any input is greatly appreciated on topics you’d like to hear/see. It will only help to make the meetings that much more productive & targeted.

Thanks & we look forward to seeing you there.