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Howdy fellow Biohackers.

UPDATE!! We have two additional speakers confirmed.

Dig your propellor hats out and be prepared for a deep dive into the art and science behind the intersection of neuroscience and meditation.

If you're even remotely interested in reducing stress and anxiety, increasing your concentration, and improving your overall mental state, this next get-together will be a gooder.

Yes, Tina Petrick of Uppercut will give us an introduction to:

• Muse - A brainwave sensing headband.

• Wave - (adapted from iTunes ( The Wave app measures brain signals using a method known as electroencephalography (EEG) to help you better understand the state of your mind. Discover whether you are actually relaxed or if you still have something on your mind. An insightful tool to take meditation and mindfulness to the next level.

However... We'll also have two other great additions:

First, Dr. Olav Krigolson, a neuroscientist who's on the leading edge of research with Muse!

While based out of the University of Victoria, he'll be attending in person to share his research. Check out his site at and the press links down below for more.

And second, Paul Brennan, a Registered Psychologist who specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety. He'll be joining us from Edmonton via Skype.

Paul's primary approach is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a type of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. His method is derived from a long-standing interest in mindfulness and thirty years experience of practicing and teaching meditation (more on Paul below).

As usual, participation is free, & our venue is the Work Nicer Co-working Space (6th floor, 630 8th Ave SW - across the street from BMO).

However, space will be tight as we'd expect a full house. Be prepared as there may only be standing room for some.

(NOTE: Please show up on time too. The doors to the building lock at 5:00 pm, but I will have someone at the front door to let you in up until a few minutes past 7:00.

If you're stuck outside, text me, Burt at[masked] and I'll have someone run down as soon as possible.)


• What is digital health

• How wearables can empower users to take their health to the next level

• An introduction to Muse, the brainwave-sensing headband

• How and why Uppercut created Wave, the brainwave visualization app

• Demo of the Wave app


• Anyone interested in the intersection of technology and health, wearables, meditation, and consciousness hacking.


• Technophobes with closed minds (technophobes with open minds are welcome!).


• Awareness of opportunities in the digital health space

• Inspiration to create or use digital health solutions to improve health and heighten consciousness

• An understanding of how you can work with Muse

• An understanding of how Wave can help improve your meditations


Uppercut is a local digital product design and development studio. We work with entrepreneurs and clinicians to create digital health apps. Our projects range from a chatbot that intelligently guides emergency first-responders through meditations to telehealth and e-referral apps. We also pursue our own digital health apps, like Wave, a mobile app that integrates with Muse to visualize your brainwaves and give you feedback on your meditation.

Tina Petrick is Uppercut’s Community Relations Manager, with a background in law, television & music video production, and entrepreneurship. She’s advised innovative companies, including the maker of botanical beverages infused with kava and kanna, and an ed tech company that connects kids to nature through location-based, augmented reality mobile gaming. Tina is presently developing an artificial intelligence app to handle shift employee scheduling, while advising entrepreneurs on their digital health products at Uppercut.


• Email: [masked]

• Phone:[masked]


Olav Krigolson is a neuroscientist at the University of Victoria who studies learning and decision-making. He received his PhD from the University of Victoria in 2007 in Cognitive Neuroscience and has some great press worth checking out:


(From Paul) I am a Registered Psychologist based in Edmonton, Alberta specializing in the treatment depression and anxiety. My therapy style is warm, supportive, genuine and direct. I empower my clients to live a full, rich life, based on what is most important to them. My primary approach is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a type of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. My approach is derived from a long-standing interest in mindfulness and thirty years experience of practicing and teaching meditation.

I also have a long-standing interest in applied technology. Prior to training as a psychologist I worked for a software company for fifteen years and led a global technical training team. I hold Masters degrees in Counselling Psychology and in Information Systems.


• Muse is demonstrating Wave at the CES 2018 (Consumer Electronic Showcase) in January 2018. We’ll tell you how it went! ( (­)

• Uppercut has developed really cool social venture apps, like FoodFinderYYC, an intelligent chatbot that connects children and youth to food sources in their community (see more here (


• Uppercut’s website:

• Uppercut's Twitter: @madebyuppercut

• Tina’s twitter: @tinaptech

• Wave app on iTunes (

See you there.