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Maintaining Bio-Spiritual Wellness involves much more than the contemporary understanding of mental, physical and emotional health.

For several years we have been exploring new discoveries about total system wellness.

We discovered this includes WAY more than learning to eat healthy organic foods, exercizing regularly, doing yoga, meditation, and positive thinking!

Our members are intent upon exploring the latest information available!

Each time will begin with personal sharing between members, as well as member requests about what topics they are most interested in focusing on next time.

All are welcome to come and share their ideas and insights, as explore and discuss various topics relating to 3 aspects of wellness: body, mind & spirit.

Some Meetups may seem to focus on only 1 of the 3 aspects above, but it is important to remember that the separation into 3 different names is just a matter of symantics, since we are the sum total of all of our parts.

Although more discoveries tend to raise more questions, we have made significant progress in expanding our knowledge and awareness.

We have previously discussed evidence that we are actually multi-dimensional and that powerful healing energies can be scientifically accessed from higher dimensions (often called spiritual realms).

At times we will be studying detailed scientific charts, as well as various self-healing techniques.

Powerful techniques to draw upon the highest healing (plasma) currents have been accessable on planet only since December 21, 2012.

Although your group organizer, Aalia Kusmis has been rated by www.selfgrowth.com as an Energy Healing EXPERT, she has stopped offering hands-on sessions because these are no longer necessary. That's because

You can learn how to do these techniques on yourself!

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