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Is there Gender Bias in Data & Technology?

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Lucy Eloise N. and Alfie R.
Is there Gender Bias in Data & Technology?


Social awareness of biases, apparent within Biomedical Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently skyrocketed. A June 2020 article published by Nature, spoke about sex-specific biologic differences still ignored by major Drug Discovery researchers and how women are underrepresented in clinical trials. This is illustrated with an example of the sleep medication Zolpidem which slows down drug metabolism in women, where a study conducted in 2013, found that women who took the recommended dose were found asleep during activities such as driving.

Women in Global Health (WGH), an organization dedicated to challenging power and privilege for gender equity in health, states that to ensure gender bias is not built into the fabric of AI, tech companies must deliberately include female perspectives at all stages of development. And yet, according to the Alan Turing Institute, women hold less than 17% of all available tech jobs.

What could be some of the reasons behind these discrepancies? Join us for another forward-thinking panel discussion as we investigate whether there is Gender Bias in Data and Technology, where we will be joined by industry leaders who will be sharing their valuable insights, experiences and ideas.

Join the panel discussion (6 PM GMT+1):

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Our panel

  • Luchele Mendes - Host & Chair @ BioTalent
  • Danielle Ralic, CEO/CTO and co-founder @
  • Jennifer Cubino - COO, Customer Success and Data Sciences @ BC Platforms
  • Sophia Borowka - CEO & Co-Founder @ Aison Technologies
  • Lorena Pantano - Head of Computational Biology @ NextRNA Therapeutics
  • Ryan Mastro - Partner in the Health Care / Life Sciences practice @ IBM

Danielle Ralic
Danielle Ralic, the CEO/CTO and co-founder of, originally went into tech because the computer lab was the warmest room in her Boston high school. She then fell in love with tech and has spent her career at the intersection of healthcare and IT. In previous roles at Deloitte and ZS Associates, she designed and led implementations of solutions for pharmaceutical and hospital clients, with a particular focus on data and business intelligence.

Jennifer Cubino
Jennifer Cubino is BC Platforms’ COO, Customer Success and Data Sciences. She has many years of experience as a clinical research industry executive, most recently at IQVIA / Quintiles. She has a diverse background including creating and leading strategic partnerships, clinical trial operations, business strategy, precision medicine, technology development, and oncology.

Sophia Borowka
Sophia Borowka holds a PhD in physics from the Technical University Munich. After 7 years of research with more than 30 publications and prestigious fellowships at Max-Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, University of Zurich and CERN in Geneva, she quit academia to work on solutions to today's problems. She went on to co-found Aison Technologies, where they are building innovative accessories to ultrasound devices that increase the diagnostic return in doctors' everyday life.

Lorena Pantano
Lorena Pantano earned her PhD in computational biology in 2011, at the Center of Genomic Regulation in Barcelona. Lorena has been focused on genomic regulation and data integration for the last 11 years. She has experience in biological data analysis using the most well-established tools and contributing to the development of novel algorithms to improve the quantification and visualization of genomic data.

Ryan Mastro
Ryan Mastro, PhD, is a Partner in the Health Care / Life Sciences practice at IBM. Since joining IBM in 2020, Ryan has worked with a number of Health Care Clients ranging from Plans to Providers / Hospital Systems to Life Sciences organizations. Dr Mastro has 15 years of experience in Data & Analytics services within the Healthcare Sector, both within the US and globally.

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