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Biodynamic Discussion: Farm Standard


Private Residence

9773 Phillips Road · Lafayette, co

How to find us

Please join us at this lovely private ranch for our meetup!

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Hello everyone,

Please join me at the Whiteheart Farm next Tuesday the 11th @ 7:30-9:30 PM for a discussion on Biodynamics.

9773 Phillips Road, Lafayette, 80026


This week we will discuss the unique qualities of biodynamic farms and the preparations used. We will discuss the difference between biodynamic farms and organic farms, as well as the difference between USDA Organic and the Demeter Farm Standard.


This is a series focused on connecting farmers, gardeners, ranchers, and general stewards of the land to biodynamic theory. It is likely we will drink some biodynamic wine, as well!

For now, we host this event the third Tuesday of each month.


Biodynamics originated in Europe due to a series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924.

These lectures were the answer farmer's concerns in regards to infertility in cows, plants, and the soil.

Steiner professed that each farm was a unique organism onto itself, yet all were guided universal laws.

In this group, we will not only discuss the universal influences that each farm abides by, but also preparations created by organic matter on the farm.

A main concept of a biodynamic farm is to grow nutrients on the farm, which will be put back into the land. Rather than importing nutrients to the farm, Biodynamic practices encourage growing beneficial herbs for teas (preparations) used on the land. Various preparations have various applications.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.