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Bloom Integrative

20 Beaumont Street Victoria Park · Auckland

How to find us

Go up to the first Floor. Look for the Bloom Sign.

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We are thrilled to start off the year with a subject so often underestimated but deserves our ultimate attention. WATER. Come join Rachel from Heartland Spring as she our quenches our 'thirst' knowledge on this subject.

- We can go several weeks without food but only a couple of days without water. Join us at Bloom Integrative to find out how to truly hydrate and nourish your cells with raw spring water. Heartland Springs water comes from a deep artesian aquifer in the central North Island of NZ and emerges from the ground just outside of Auckland. Discover why we are water beings and why water is food with organic macro and micro elements. Can you hydrate yourself with reverse osmosis water? Does water have a memory. Where does water come from? When is water too soft, too hard, too acid and too alkaline. What are the differences and biological impact of drinking rain water vs bore water vs river water vs tap water. Raw water vs dead water as well as what we dont know about water?

Come and find out about all these aspects of water..... From people who say 'WE THINK WHAT WE DRINK'

Bring your self and your thirst for knowledge.