What we're about

This is an ongoing monthly workshop series led by the author of the manifesto on women's health, Seeing Red, that will teach members how to do the following things:

1. Understand how your cycle to read your cycle.
2. Learn how your specific habits and mindset are impacting your cycle.
3. How to create a plan to use this information to bio hack your cycle.

You should join us if you want to stop suffering from your cycle and are interested in using behavioral health, diet, mindset, and stress management to learn how to hack your period a perfect reflection of your optimal health.

There will be a lecture from Kirsten Karchmer, a stress management practice that we will do together and then Kirsten will work with members individually on the areas that they are working on and help them to continue to revise their plan as their cycles respond to the changes they are making.

This group is part of a mission to empower women to liberate themselves from the stigma and suffering of menstruation.

Hope you will join us!!

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