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Philosophy, Psychology, Brain Bio-hacking, and Learning for adults. That's what this group is about. This is a thinktank with startup possibility in a whole new area of learning. I'm one person with a vision for the future of brain training and education. How can we download relevant information directly to the brain in the shortest time span possible? Better brain-based learning. 100% full submersion into learning with techniques to train the brain on relevant information based around healthy eating, time management, information download, and no distractions. The classroom is a busy place with too many distractions. With big data in the modern world, we have to learn at a much faster pace, and handle much more information learning than previous generations. Do you think about submitting yourself to intensive learning of a new language or subject? Do you wish to become a master at something, anything, in a shorter period of time? Do you get excited at the idea of Neo being plugged into the Matrix and downloaded with Kung Fu? Then join me. Let's create that next step in learning as we venture into unknown territory to discover better brain-based learning. Calling all Psychology gurus, bio-hacking nerds, open-minded thinkers, and brain training think-tankers! Let's talk about it!

This meetup will be a small one to start, so as not to attract too many individuals. Space for meetups in limited, although with enough support it has the potential to move around. It will be a tight nit and serious community of deep thinkers.

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