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Standing Tuesday Ride, 25+ miles
Welcome to the Birds of a Feather Weekly Rides. Please note for the Tuesday ride you must meet following criteria. If you do not meet the following criteria please come to Friday ride to be evaluated - thank you! * Minimum miles-must have ridden 30+ miles (or 2-3 hours) at steady pace * Experience in group rides * Must carry supplies for tire changing- 2 tubes, 2 co2, & levers * Helmet and proper riding apparel * Carry enough water and food for min 30 mile ride * No earphones * No using Aerobars during group rides * Know basic cycling etiquette PLEASE NOTE: We stay together as a group until the first REST STOP. Then the group will split in a minimum of two groups - allowing each set of riders the opportunity to get a maximum effort workout during allotted time frame. Routes will be listed on the comment section each week! We look forward to riding with you and growing the Sport of Cycling ~ RIDE! Serious Cycling, Birds of a Feather ride Leaders

Serious Cycling

29041 Thousand Oaks Boulevard · Agoura Hills, CA

What we're about

We are a serious, but fun group of women who enjoy cycling & exploring new places together. We try to encourage and motivate each other while supporting each of our athlete’s individual training goals. We will have a consistent Tuesday morning ride and will often have other rides scheduled throughout the week. All of our rides begin at Serious Cycling & will cover 25+ miles, and we ride both in the hills & the flats. Please join one of our beginner rides, the first Tuesday of the month in Agoura Hills to meet the group if you are new to cycling (Average 15 mph, 25 mile) and coffee/lunch afterwards!

All cyclists who ride with us need to agree to the following:

Serious Cycling’s Rider Credo (

Wear a helmet and ensure your bike is in good working order

Respect and obey ALL traffic laws and the rights of autos, bicycles, and pedestrians

Be courteous and "ride friendly"

Hold your line, ride safely and predictably

Call and point out road & traffic hazards

Help each other out with flats and mechanicals

Ride to the right, pass on the left. Do not pass on the right!

Ride in the bike lane (whenever available).

Signal when moving into another lane.

Ride no more than two abreast in the bike lane, single file on narrow roads.

Do not swarm vehicles, pedestrians and other cyclists

Yield to traffic if there are 5 or more vehicles behind you.

Ride predictably and remind others to be safe

Let someone know if you intend to deviate from the route

Be a bicycling ambassador to the communities we ride through

Represent Serious Cycling and the sport of cycling

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