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This event is for anyone with an interest in Biohacking and improving Health and well being, especially those with an interested in defying the negative inpact of ageing and degenerative health.

Guest Speakers include:
LifeVantage CEO - Darren Jensen
Scientific Advisor - Dr Perter Verdegem
Elite UK LifeVantage Distributor - Lisa Panton

This Event will be sharing more on the LifeVantage Vision for Defying the Ageing Process through Biohacking.

11am - 12:30 - LifeVantage opportunity overview
Who is LifeVantage and how you can create a second or full-time income by sharing the Life Changing results of Nrf2 Activation with the rest of Europe

1pm - 5:30pm - Distributor Training
Learn from existing LifeVantage distributors how they have created a successful second income and beyond by promoting the benefits of science-based Biohacking

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