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(WORKSHOP) Birmingham Improvised Comedy Drop-in
What would learning to be more funny mean to you? This weekly Improvised Comedy workshop will be run from 6-8 every Thursday evening, upstairs at the Patrick Kavanagh in Moseley (except the first Thursday of the month). We have all had the experience of thinking of a funny thing to say when it is too late to say it and get a laugh. Improvised comedy will train you to reduce this time to zero so that you can deliver those funny lines when you need them. Each session will involve some simple 'warm-up' games and exercises that encourage skills like active listening, collaboration and creativity within an ensemble and are the foundation of this kind of work. Every week we will focus on a new skill as part of the class and learn various techniques which create and maintain spontaneous laughs on stage. If you want to laugh with friends on a Monday evening then whether you have ambitions of performing on stage or not you will certainly be made to feel welcome to join our workshops. Your first session is FREE so if you aren't sure if this is for you then come along and see what you think.

Patrick Kavannagh Bar

Woodbridge Road Moseley B13 8EH · Birmingham

What we're about

There is a lot of interest in Improvised comedy by many people including comics, sketch writers, stand-ups, actors, artists, public speakers, work leaders and creative people. Improvised comedy has long earned its place as a legitimate art form and source of comedy across the USA, and is growing rapidly in the UK. Many of the skills which are learnt and practiced within the workshops to be successful on stage can have a huge overlap with the skills required to be successful in day to day life.

We welcome everyone of all abilities that is willing to listen fully to others and build compassionately on their ideas. Improv is about playing and discovering things about our world and about ourselves with someone else. It is about looking outside of your own head, paying attention to what is happening and creating a moment which can be enjoyed by everyone before it is gone forever - like a firework exploding. With practice, we can create this effect over and over again like a fireworks display with no need for rehearsed material. A good improvised scene might look as though it was written before hand as a sketch and the audience will often think you are cheating, but you aren't. For many people who consider themselves improvisers the idea of having a pre-prepared script would mean missing out on being present for the moment that you are in now whilst trying and remember a thing you wrote down earlier.

This group was set up with the aim of bringing together a community of people with a love for this spontaneous comedy art form, to find a place for it here in Birmingham, and to encourage it to grow into something far bigger.

We are very grateful to have found a perfect at the Patrick Kavanagh Pub in Mosely. This lively local venue hosts us with a large upstairs function room, which has a raised stage, seating for up to 80 people and an upstairs bar.


Workshops and shows are open to everybody of every race, religion, gender and orientation. Discrimination and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate ejection from the venue and this group. If you need to report anything in confidence then please contact Ben or Mel directly.


Due to the nature of this work, sometimes swearing and adult issues come up. As a result we have to restrict our workshops to over 18s. We also advise that during shows, under 18s are accompanied by an adult. All of our venues are licensed public houses and would also require the same level of support.

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