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Using financial leverage to build wealth -

I'm Lee Walsh, my co-organizer is Moe Davis, we have both worked in real estate and financial services for over 20 years.

We still believe that Real Estate is the next big thing. That will never change.

"Our Mission is to share our passion for real estate, and to create a community where we can share stories, hone our skills, and learn how to use financial leverage to build wealth in real estate."

Using financial leverage to build real estate wealth is a powerful tool. Our goal is to help you understand how Fix and Flip / Renovation financing works.

We will help you learn the fundamentals and show you how to apply the financing leverage principals to any deal you are considering.

Interested in Real Estate? Understanding the fundamentals of real estate finance can save you thousands of dollars, and help you increase your ROI on real estate projects. From 1st time flippers and landlords to experienced professionals, we promise you will lean valuable information that will help you build your real estate wealth.

Learn how the power of financial leverage can greatly increase your Return on Investment.
Did you know there are completely different lending rules for each type of property.1-4 Family, Fix and Flip, 5+ family, New Construction, Renovate and Rent, Small Commercial.

We will help you understand how the different programs work and we will show you how to use them to increase your ROI.

We hope to meet you at our next meeting.

Lee & Moe

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