What we're about

This group is for Birmingham ladies wanting to become fitter and healthier while being surrounded with friendly, like minded individuals. I started this group for people who may feel nervous about going into a gym or fitness class. I have been there before and understand how daunting it can feel and that's why I created a supportive, intimidation-free community for ladies to build a healthier body and mind and a better relationship with food and exercise!

Exercise should be fun and the best way to do that is to do it as part of a team of awesome ladies who all lift each other up :)

I also love educating women on how to live a healthier lifestyle WITHOUT the need for quick fixes and fads that never last. There's no place for detoxes/cleanses, weird expensive supplements or restrictive, boring meal plans in my way of life. I believe in healthy whole foods, with the odd treat and glass of prosecco thrown in, and I love to make exercise fun and enjoyable too.
(Please note that if you sell products from the likes of Arbonne/Forever etc this group is NOT the place for that as it is strongly against my personal beliefs and values to sell people such things)

This meet up is for anyone from beginners to fitness or more advanced in a friendly and fun atmosphere - we'll make sure it's tailored YOUR fitness levels!

Its a perfect introduction to safe and effective Kettlebell and Weight training sessions for any health and fitness goal.

We will have sessions within my facility but we also meet outside the gym for nutrition catch ups and any questions around health and fitness

I will help you through the session to learn fun and effective exercises for you!

Look forward to meeting you :D

Soph x

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