How to Talk to Anyone(conversation skills) and Social Media Anxiety


Part one
Imagine how much confident you would be in social and work situations if you knew exactly how to start and control an interesting conversation?
In this workshop we will be covering;
• How to plan and research your interactions
• How to start, direct and end a conversation
• The different positions of rapport and power
• The difference between what people say and what people do
• Active Listening and how to use peoples own words to build rapport
• Sales techniques that allow you to guide people into making a decision
• How social and group dynamics really work
• How appearance, status and location dramatically affect communication
• How to prepare for meetings, conversations, parties etc
• The most common mistakes people make in conversation

Part two
What was life like before social media? Difficult. You had to remember all your mates’ birthdays or keep an address book with them all in. You had to actually ring people if you wanted to relay a message to them. You couldn’t properly vet prospective friends or partners because scrolling left through their terrible sixth form Facebook photos didn’t exist.

So this makes social media sound like a great help to peoples lives but there is a down sign...
...‘Social media leaves us constantly open to input. And if the input is perceived as criticism, this can be be hugely damaging to self-esteem at such a vulnerable time. ‘Of course the “comparison game” of social media doesn’t help. Even if we all know nowadays it’s a Photoshopped, one-sided view of reality, we can still desire to live up to that unattainable ideal. ‘Or it can lead to a loss of appreciation for ourselves and our lives, which can lead to negative thinking.
The danger of such negative thinking is that it leads to negative moods which promote negative behaviours. It is a cycle that can be hard to stop.’

if your social media apps are starting to stress you out, then this workshop is for you

Cost of workshop £10