WordPress Birmingham August 2014


WordPress Birmingham is back! We'll be meeting on the second Wednesday of each month and we're kicking off with a great lineup of speakers this month on some varied topics.

The speakers are:

Andrew Fielden (https://twitter.com/AndrewTF): WordPress is what you believe it is. By taking a look at the features needed we have quickly built sites using WordPress for large multinationals such as Mercedes Benz, General Motors and Bayer. They would not necessarily seem to be WordPress at first glance but by a shift of perception wordpress can fit the bill very nicely indeed.

Richard Tubb (https://twitter.com/tubblog): Building a High-Traffic Blog on WordPress. Tips on web-site optimisation, using the right web-host, WordPress plug-ins to use and not use, and Content Delivery Networks.

Jessica Draper (https://twitter.com/JessicaLDraper): Easy SEO for WordPress sites. This presentation will focus on how to optimize your WordPress site for search without adding another full time task to your schedule.

Gerard Davies: Business opportunities for Digital Consortia. Information about building a stable of digital media freelancers so that we can tender for larger cross-platform projects.