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NULS Meetup: Blockchain Open-Source Technology--Singapore
*This event is limited to blockchain developers.Free food will be provided during the meet-up. Blockchain developers from Singapore and beyond are welcome to join us and exchange great ideas with the most brilliant minds in the industry. Background Information Since the Bitcoin era, the open-source community has played an absolutely important role in promoting the technological development of the blockchain. Vitalik Buterin has grown up in the Bitcoin community and he has innovative thinking of Ethereum. It can be said that the community, especially the technical community, has gathered the core characters of the blockchain technology to advance and innovate, and has been pushing the continuous evolution and innovation of the blockchain. Including the Lightning Network, the side-chain technology is mostly evolved in the atmosphere of the technical community. Currently, the rise of blockchain industry relies on the open-source community more than ever. To a large degree, innovation of the blockchain technology also depends on the influence of technical community. We have faith in the open-source technical community, believing that it is the foundation of the blockchain world. A mature blockchain project will eventually be self-governed by the community. Power of the technical community will decide how the project goes in the future. Such business model is the final result led by the blockchain thinking and it holds the true meaning of blockchain technology.


5F Republic Plaza 9 Raffles Place · Singapore

What we're about

BitTemple is a international blockchain incubator located in 5F, Republic Plaza, Singapore, dedicated to incubate high-quality blockchain projects in Singapore and also overseas. We believe in blockchain, believing the power it penetrates into different industries and change human's life. BitTemple provides nearly 300 desks prepared for entrepreneurs to work in Singapore. More significantly, we devote ourselves in helping global blockchain projects settle down in Singapore, from basically providing them one-stop-service including legal compliance,business consultancy,marketing and technical support, to the later period of a project, in which they might need venture capital investment. Besides,support will be given for qualified projects if they require expansion of blockchain projects to go overseas.
Our original brand TechTemple(Stock Code 839893) is established in 2013 in China, with a horizontal position in all TMT industry for startup companies, Startup Zen is our philosophy. We have in total 8 locations,respectively located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. We build a energetic TMT-based ecosystem by the community power of TechTemple. Interesting events happen there,strategic cooperation get promoted there, outstanding projects grow there. From 2018,we start to build our BitTemple overseas, focus our domains of incubation specifically in blockchain industry. In the future,we also plan to expand our business to Silcon Valley, HONG KONG, Tokyo, Korea to incubate global projects in a larger world scale.

What Services does BitTemple provide as a Blockchain Incubator?
1) Partnership We help blockchain projects establish partnership with upstream and downstream companies, thus faciliating powerful partnerships in the whole blockchain ecosystem. By the use of Huobi Token, our stratefic partner Huobi Eco is prepotent in generating positive synergies among different blockchain enterprises , thus fostering win-win cooperation.

2) Project Investment- We help qualified blockchain projects raise money and give strategic advices for their growth, domains of our inverstment include(but not limited to) news information,digital asset transactions, storage,technology development and application.

3) One-Stop Consultancy Service We will help startup blockchain companies with project legal compliance,business consultancy,marketing and technical support ,also in other issues regarding settling down business in Singapore.

4) Community Services- We provide you with open desks and private offices physically according to the number of your team. They are served for you with free wifi, free electricity, water, free use of meeting room,use of event venue ,which are all included in our BitTemple Membership.

5)Event Organising - We regularly hold events in blockchain industry, including Blockchain project Meetups, Blockchain Conferences, Blockchain Demo Day, ICO advisor meeting,Token Economy Discussionsetc.,which accelerates the aggregation of blockchain projects, partners and resources. Through these events which take place in BitTemple Singapore, we help people meet,cooperate, inspire each other and also expand their business in the future.

6)Mentorship- We invite mentors in blockchain industries from well-known companies,institutions and academies to guide you with your business, they regularly look through portfolios,make meetups with potential projects,providing constructive advices for your project development.

How about your Strategic Partner for BUS Team?
We build the World Blockchain Incubation Center with three strategic parners, Huobi Eco,Node Capital and B+, we form the world Blockchain Center together.

Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund,established with the purpose of forming strategic partnerships, integrating upstream and down stream resources in blockchain industry, and making the blockchain ecosystem healthier and stronger by the use of Huobi Token.Through prudent investments, Huobi is seeking to generate positive synergies with other participants to build up win-win partnerships.

Node Capital is a venture capital company focusing on blockchain industry, as one of the world’s earlist professional investment institutions of blockchain industry layouts.So far, Node Capital has invested more than 100 projects of blockchain industry, such as news information,digital asset transactions, storage,technology development and application. Node Capital set up a complete incubation system, including pre-investment, investment and post-investment, providing a complete set of services from the business model to technical solutions.

B+ is a professional incubation platform which is committed to offer specialised services which cover the entire project process, including legal compliance services, business consultancy, marketing and technical support.B+ is now growing to become Asia's leading integrated blockchain solutions provider, while continuously building a better blockchain ecosystem.
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