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National University

3390 Harbor Boulevard · Costa Mesa, CA

How to find us

Cross streets harbor/sunflower - Black Glass Building. Park Anywhere. Sign in front of lobbying pointing upstairs

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• What we'll do
Crypto Strategy Sessions - Strategies To Generate Income and Increase Networth
During the meetup, I want to share real strategies to generate income in Crypto Currency.
After the meetup, Crypto entrepreneurs will be able to take action and start implementing strategies immediately. The basics.
What is cryptocurrency?

To begin a discussion about cryptocurrency we need to start with what cryptocurrency is.
Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency with a cryptographic underpinning that is used as a secure medium of exchange. There are literally hundreds of different cryptocurrencies with varying real-world values. Many believe it’s the future of currency.

The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin, you may have heard of others like Etherium, too. While cryptocurrencies may differ in terms of the algorithms and encryption they use, they all share one similiarity: blockchain. And that’s what we need to talk about next.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is impossible to alter. It uses hashing and a concept similar to salting to continuously complete blocks of information that chain to form an immutable ledger.

After the basics:

How Do You Profit? Airdrops
Initial Coin Offerings
Affiliate Marketing
Automated Crypto Currency Trading
Bitcoin Basics
Data Mining
Swing Trading
Day Trading
Long Term Investing
Trade Arbitrage
Services, and more.

• What to bring
Be Sober:
Bring A NotePad or Laptop
Positive Attitude!

• Important to know
We are limited to 50 seats