Digital World Exchange is taking over Binance & Coinbase

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Attention fellow members of our Global Club! This is an announcement and do not need to attend this event as we will have a special one in person next week or so. On the other hand, you need to join force with DWE!

Digital World Exchange would be taking over Binance and Coinbase in no time. Get involved and enjoy your Greed Free exchange as you can own a piece of the exchange by loading as much as you like on their DWE coin

- The exchange is backed by millions of USD worth of BTC and NOT an ICO
- You can own your Master Nodes by having only 10k DWE coins per MN that will give you a great passive income while your DWE is traveling to the moon
- Will have own market place
- Own private & Decentralized Blockchain will be launched in 10 days
- Right now 1 DWE = $0.79 and soon the Moon would be the limit.
- 65 Million coin in Maximum supply & only 30 million coin in circulation
- The exchange is hosting and trading only the top 15 winners coins in crypto space
- And much more

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Alexander Elbanna the CEO of DWE ’ s message to the community from day 1 is to see confidence restored for a lot of those who lost their hard earnings in bad crypto projects. This is a once in a life time best opportunity for DWErs, their circle of trust and the world to enjoy and ride with DWE to the 🌙🌙🌙

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