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Bitcoin 2nd Block (halving) Partay

This Meetup is past

26 people went


As of midday on Thursday there is only 8,100 btc / 324 blocks until the halvening

Moving this up to 3pm on Saturday for now - will update again closer to the time.
Some nice countdowns here

The Halvening (

Bitcoin Block Half (

Bitcoin Clock (

The Block reward is set to half at block height 420,000. This block should be mined on July 9th. Join us, to toast the one true blockchain.

Here are two great podcasts with Andreas talking about just that
Andreas - there is only one chain

In this second episode from Andreas and the LTB crew - there is some great content also wide ranging discussion on the upcoming bitcoin block reward halving (

We set this up for the 10th however... if a large amount of hashing power hits the network (hint: S9 antminer shipping on the 12 June) this will happen sooner - you can check the approximate time here Bitcoin Clock

**Update** So we are moving this date forward - as the blocks are getting hashed faster and faster:-)

Will update again as we get closer.