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The new group will expand from Bitcoin Investing to; FinTech, Finance & Trading. Domain areas now include; private equity, institutional banking, online banking, cryptocurrency, ICO's and to emerging technologies, such as, AI, deep learning, financial engineering, robotics and blockchains. Because this is a deep pool, our mission will narrowly focus on those strategies, industry advances and technologies which impact operations and disrupt ROI.

A wholesale pivot in the vision, venue, format and organization is planned, The rebuild will appeal to a far wider audience, which includes, (*) Institutions and corporations seeking an edge, (*) Startups and innovators who create edges and to (*) Individuals who seek greater communion, knowledge and returns.

Substantive thought have been vested in developing plans and architecture, yet we remain an early stage organization. This means that there is an window now, before formal commencement, to shape the organization and to establish your potential role as we move forward.

Post your reaction and ideas or call directly at (541) 306.3980

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