Challenging Amazon: Why We Need a Peer to Peer Market Place - Brian Hoffman

Bitcoin Meetup Switzerland
Bitcoin Meetup Switzerland
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Brian Hoffmann will talk about why we need a true peer to peer market place, what OpenBazaar is and it's potential to disrupt traditional ecommerce on the web through privacy and freedom.

OpenBazaar ( is an open source, decentralized marketplace. Instead of a centralized server that hosts listings, OpenBazaar is an application and network. Each installation of OpenBazaar stores and transmits its own listings to other nodes on the network.

OpenBazaar’s peer-to-peer nature means there is no company or middleman that can remove or block listings, charge fees, or hold money.

Brian Hoffmann ( is the project lead at OpenBazaar, an online marketplace based on bitcoin, and CEO of the maintainer OB1. Before starting OpenBazaar Hoffman studied computer science at James Madison University and worked for Booz Allen Hamilton supporting the Department of Defence in cybersecurity projects.

Door opening: 19:00

Talk & Q&A: 19:15



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