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Bitcoin Development Workshop

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bitcoin development workshop

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when?Saturday & Sunday June

20 & 21



De War Amersfoort route ( from Amersfoort Railway Station

De War (


Amersfoort (


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)(43 minutes by train from

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, which has a

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to Amersfoort by train 2 times per hour (takes 43 mins at €9,70).

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De War - Amersfoort

Koppelpoort 'watergate'


Amersfoort Railway Station main entrance

Medieval Centre

Onze-lieve-vrouwetoren "Tower of Our Lady"



Kleine Spui

Grote Spui entrance Koppelpoort



Saturday & Sunday June 20 & 21st


Lunch, drinks & Dinner at your own expense!

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Speaker & Subjects

Workshop Description:

This workshop will cover the internal details of the Bitcoin core system and network protocol. We will start by discussing some of the technologies that comprise Bitcoin, including:

1. Hashing (Including cryptographic hashing)

2. Elliptic Curve Cryptography

3. Base 58 check encoding

4. Bloom Filters

5. Merkle Trees

We will then proceed to discuss how the bitcoin system works, including:

1. Transactions

2. The Bitcoin script language

3. The structure of the Blockchain

4. Bitcoin ID's

5. The bitcoin proof of work algorithm.

6. The bitcoin network protocol.

7. Bitcoin API's including Vitalik Buterin's pybitcointools python based API.

Finally, the students will decide upon and code a small project using the API's and the knowledge gained in the course.

The general timeline will be Day 1: Lecture. Day 2: Coding.

About Braun Brelin:

I am a veteran of the IT industry with over 20 years in the field, including work at Sun Microsystems, Network Appliance, and other major Silicon Valley companies. I have also worked for government institutions around the world as well as a trainer for large financial firms including Citibank, NYSE, The Chicago Mercantile Association and others. My current passion is spreading the word about cryptocurrencies as the future (present?) of money.