Take Back Your Data: Fixing Facebook and Creating An "Own Your Data" Paradigm

Bitcoin SV SF Meetup
Bitcoin SV SF Meetup
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The Money Button team will be presenting some new foundational advances we have made with the button to enable an "own your data" paradigm for the internet based on Bitcoin (BSV).

The new features were announced at Coingeek Seoul and are:

- On-chain signatures (based on paymail)
- On-chain encryption (based on paymail)
- Paymail avatars and names for cross-wallet contact lists
- P2P transaction endpoint fro paymail

We do not have to have an internet where third parties sell your private data. We can have a genuinely peer-to-peer internet where users own their data. Our new features with the button are making this happen starting right now. All of the features are based on Bitcoin as the underlying protocol and paymail as the naming and query system.