Ethereum on WebAssembly - Deep dive into Ethereum's future

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Bitcoin Budapest & CEE FinTech presents: Ethereum on WebAssembly - Deep dive into Ethereum's future

This time we'll be taking a look into Ethereum's future and see what Ethereum on WebAssembly will bring us.

WARNING! Geeks only – this will be a very technical talk :)

Martin Becze and Alex Beregszaszi are developers working for the Ethereum Foundation. They're working on eWASM (Ethereum on WebAssembly) aka. the EVM 2.0 project, creating a new virtual machine for Ethereum. Alex also splits his time between eWASM and the Solidity compiler.

Solidity is a Javascript-like programming language use to write decentralized applications and smart contracts for the Ethereum platform.

WebAssembly is an experimental efficient low-level programming language for in-browser client-side scripting that will let developers compile apps to be run in browsers from other programming languages, such as C/C++ or Rust.

After a high level overview of Ethereum, Alex and Martin will be talking about Solidity and then move on to how Ethereum will leverage WebAssembly.

18:15 Arrival
18:30 High level intro + Solidity
19:00 Ethereum on WebAssembly aka. Ethereum Virtual Machine[masked]:30 Q&A
19:45 FinTech Wednesday Networking

Presentation will be held in ENGLISH.

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