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Bitcoin is the latest iteration of Money — a shared fiction, unique to the human (Homo sapiens) species, that has evolved over time from promises, to sea shells, to metals, gold, coins, gold backed paper money, government backed “fiat” paper money, plastic and most recently digital numbers stored on a Bank’s database.

Modern money is backed by the promise of governments & banks — who throughout history have consistently shown that they’re not the most trustworthy or competent bunch out there (with all due respect). And it’s not entirely their fault; (a) humans are flawed, and (b) humans attempting to centrally manage money & economies with so many variables is way too hard — and we get it wrong. Just take a look at Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Wiemar Germany, and even 2008.

Bitcoin is the only form of free-market “money” that is not centrally managed, cannot be controlled by any one group, and has all the attributes needed for a modern, global, interconnected world.

I’d suggest reading the following article to understand the underlying principles further:


https://hackernoon.com/11-myths-about-bitcoin-3c206e9dd096 (https://medium.com/@AleksandarSvetski/11-myths-about-bitcoin-3c206e9dd096)



Our meetups are focused on discussions about Bitcoin, Money, predominantly Austrian-Economic thinking, free markets, financial markets, self sovereignty, libertarianism, capital & capitalism, evolution, society & its complexities, along with many other related topics.

In this meetup, you will find we spend very little time (except via comparison) on:

- Blockchains

- Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

- Enterprise Application of "Blockchain or DLT"

- Shitcoins

- New coins / tokens or ICO's

- Bcash, BAB, BSV or whatever Wright & Roger have turned their respective circus's into

We avoid the promotion of, and discussion of such superfluous concepts because time is the only asset that is truly scarce, and wasting it performing mental fellatio (or sophistry) on pointless topics & ridiculous ideas like that would be moronic.

When groups are smaller, we catch up for Dinner, Poker, Drinks & Conversations.

When groups are larger, we look to bring in a sponsor, a speaker and do more meetup style events (with pizza's & beers) at a venue such as Fishburners.

We look forward to meeting like minded people, having great discussions & building on great ideas.

Best Wishes,

Aleks Svetski

Twitter & Linkedin: @AleksSvetski

Medium & hacker Noon: @AleksandarSvetski

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