Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam #16

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Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam #16

The best and longest-running regular Bitcoin Meetup in the Netherlands takes place on the first Wednesday of every month.

An open and low-key gathering for anyone interested in Bitcoin.

Always held on the first Wednesday of every month.

For Bitcoin novices and experts alike.

At Bitcoin Wednesday on October 1st:

This evening's program is curated by Aaron van Wirdum of the Dutch Bitcoin and crypto news site ( Aaron will also be the night's host and moderator.

This Coincourant edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will be roughly divided into two parts. During the first part of the evening a number different speakers will take the stage, while the second part of the evening will revolve around a debate and a vote on the activities of the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation.

The first speaker will be Sebastian Lobato who will demonstrate with his website what Bitcoin actually is. Feel free to bring newcomers for this presentation and also be sure to listen to this talk if you are a newcomer as well.

Founder of Bits of Freedom and current Digital Defence lawyer Ot van Daalen will next give a talk about compliance and how Bitcoin enterprises can protect the privacy of their customers.

And finally, how can you trust people and organizations with the supervision of a central authority? Tim Pastoor will unveil his concept for a digital reputation system.

The second part of the evening will center upon the recently launched initiative "Bitcoin is Money." During the previous Bitcoin Wednesday, Bitonic, the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation and the Solv lawyer's office a plan to appeal the verdict of the court in Overijssel which stated that Bitcoin is not money. But is this goal really something toward which the Bitcoin community should strive?

A debate on the subject will be held with Pieterjan Goppel of Bitonic, Carl Kuntze of the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation, and digital freedom activists Arjen Kamphuis and Robbie Hontelé.

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